Looking at some of the best names in NFL history

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With Oklahoma signing a quarterback named General Booty, we had an inspiration for a PFT Live draft.

What are the best names in NFL history?

Our picks appear in the attached video. One of them was Jack Youngblood. Making his name even more memorable was the fact that, due to the presence of Jim Youngblood on the roster, Jack had his entire name on the back of his jersey.

Meanwhile, I always assumed that Jack and Jim were brothers. As several folks pointed out after Tuesday’s show, they weren’t even related. Amazingly, it was all a coincidence.

Check out the draft and add some of your own favorite NFL names in the comments.

50 responses to “Looking at some of the best names in NFL history

  1. I can’t access the video, I just hope Detroit Lions db Harry Colon gets some love

  2. Chris Hamburger whom I believe was a Redskin in the 70s had always been my favorite name.

  3. Tunch Ilkin. I understand he was a very cerebral gentleman but when he spent a short time with the Packers he looked like you would think a man named “Tunch” oughta look.

  4. D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Richie Incognito, Equanimeous St. Brown, Lincoln Kennedy, Fair Hooker, Wonderful Terrific Monds Jr., Quentin Jammer, Craphonso Thorpe, Mack Strong, Tiki Barber, Colts McCoy, Rocky Bleier. I will count a guy who never played a down in the NFL but got a couple of tryouts after going undrafted: QB Sonny Sixkiller

  5. Mosi Tatupu!

    His name was so cool they even used it in a Simpsons episode as the words of a magic spell. Even if you don’t like the Patriots you got to love Mosi

  6. Barkevious Mingo. It always sounded like the Latin name for some species of wild Serengeti canine.

  7. Junior Seau (pronounced “Say-Ow”)- what a great name for a linebacker.

  8. The old Baltimore Colts had a LB named Steve Stonebreaker. What a great name for a LB.

  9. Darnell Savage is pretty good too. For a brief moment, the Packers had Savage and Mercilus.

  10. Carlester Crumpler. Played tight end for 9 years. His father, with the same name was a running back who was a 4th round draft pick for the Bills in 1974 who didn’t make the team.

  11. Clifford Cartwright says:
    May 18, 2022 at 12:15 pm
    Louis Lipps


    A classic. The best offensive player on awful 1980s Steelers teams in an empty stadium.

    Stump Mitchell!

    Scooter McGruder!

  12. Touchback beat me to Scooter Magruder. Lol. Add Tebucky Jones, Alge Crumpler, Guy Whimper, Benjamin Gay, John Conner, Captain Munerlyn, Happy Feller, Earthwind Moreland

  13. Marques Tuiasosopo was one of my favorite tough to say names…

    But the clear winners:
    Dick Butkus
    Jim Bob Cooter
    Harry Colon
    Marion Butts (still giggle when I see his name on Super Techmo Bowl)
    Fair Hooker
    Guy Whimper

  14. About the Eagles… ‘Will Wynn’. drafted in 1973 …
    Better said by Ray Didinger “General manager Jim Murray did not study any film on Wynn. He just saw his name on their draft board and knew he liked it.
    “With the record we’ve had,” Murray said, “how could we not draft a guy named Will Wynn? I feel better just saying it – Will Wynn.”

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