Vita Vea hungrier for another Super Bowl after losing in divisional round

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When Tom Brady elected to end his short retirement and come back to the Buccaneers for 2022, it completely changed the team’s expectations for the upcoming season.

Instead of an ostensibly middling team in the first year post-Brady, Tampa Bay should now compete for another championship with him.

That’s a good thing for defensive tackle Vita Vea, who said on Tuesday that the experience of winning Super Bowl LV and then falling in the divisional round last season has upped his desire for another ring.

“I think there is a lot to learn from the last two years,” Vea said in his press conference. “Especially us being a young group — we had a real young group when we won the Super Bowl and I think last year we had some good experience losing in the playoffs, as weird as it sounds. I think it makes you more hungry when that happens. I think there is a lot to learn from that — losing and not being there [after] winning the year before. It’s just taking those little steps to get better every day.”

Though the Buccaneers have transitioned from Bruce Arians to Todd Bowles as head coach, the team should not take much of a step back given that the offensive and defensive systems will be the same. Time will tell if Vea and company can get back to a championship level this season.

6 responses to “Vita Vea hungrier for another Super Bowl after losing in divisional round

  1. Need a better QB. Their QB was horrible in that division playoff game even though his fans like to pretend he was good. lolol

  2. If he stays healthy for a change they will have a markedly better chance.

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