In first year with fans at Allegiant Stadium, the no-show rate was 14.3 percent

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Teams not only want to sell every ticket to every game. They also want every ticket to be used, so that fans will spend too much money for food, drinks, parking, etc.

For the first season with fans at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, the venue experienced a surprisingly high no-show rate.

Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal reports that the Raiders had an average no-show rate of 14.3 percent for the first season in which it accepted fans. As Fischer notes, that number likely was influenced by the strict vaccinate mandate adopted for Allegiant Stadium in 2021.

The NFL is not required to release no-show numbers. Fischer pieced it together by looking at attendance reported in published box scores with figures listed in quarterly operating reports to the stadium authority.

Fischer explains that the number also may reflect that large blocks of tickets were sold to casinos and hotels, which then gave them to patrons who did not use them.

The number doesn’t include the Week 18 game against the Chargers, since it was played in 2022.

Still, it’s odd that the no-show rate was so high. The Raiders play in a new stadium, one of the nicest in the league. The team made it to the playoffs in 2021. They were competitive all year long, despite the unexpected departure of coach Jon Gruden in October.

The Raiders declined to comment to Fischer. The league opted for a comment that said nothing.

“We were very pleased with the enthusiasm fans and the business community demonstrated for the Raiders in Las Vegas throughout the season and look forward to another year at Allegiant Stadium in 2022,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Fischer.

It’s a situation that bears watching as the Raiders embark on their third season in Las Vegas, and their second with fans in the stands.

25 responses to “In first year with fans at Allegiant Stadium, the no-show rate was 14.3 percent

  1. What did they expect when the only people who want to watch the Raiders play live in the towns the Raiders have abandoned

  2. They went from a place where they were part of history and tradition to a circus where they’re just another of many attractions. They’ll never be special there.

  3. The fan base has been co-opted by a ‘bad element’. People don’t because of the perceived menace. And that’s why they’ll always be issues with the team

  4. I think that the Raiders’ status as any team’s best road game experience in the NFL probably helps lead to the no-shows. Of course if you pony up for airfare, hotel reservations and tickets, you have ample incentive to show up to the stadium- but each of those arrangements creates for opportunities for something not to work out, leading to the fan missing the game. Throw in tickets for high rollers and celebrities that get wrapped up in other things… I just don’t think we are talking about Vegas locals not showing up.

  5. Vegas is destination city. So internationally, foreign travel restrictions, corporate trips that might get postponed, travel industry staff shortage impacts, bachelor parties that are planned that don’t materialize. Transient crowds will always impact that percentage

  6. Pure cash money. Of course what does that 14% equate to in concessions, parking, etc.?

  7. Most likely because many of the seats have been bought for corporate giveaways and unfortunately either not distributed or given to people without much interest in going by those companies. I’m sure the Raider organization is still pretty happy that they still sold those tickets anyways. The biggest lose for them is the from the parking/concession/merchandise sales that those empty seats represent.

  8. Almost every time I read an article where Allegiant stadium is mentioned, I am still amazed that A, the Raiders chose them for their naming rights partner. Seriously, allegiant is one of the worst companies this world has to offer. They make Spirit look like a reputable airline.

  9. You fly into Las Vegas on a Friday night to gamble or go to a show and you leave on Sunday afternoon to go home.

  10. The reason many fans did not attend last season was because of the vaccine requirement. A large number of season tickets holders, like myself, who are not vaccinated, could not attend. We were given the option to return the tickets for a refund. I kept my tickets in hopes that the vaccine requirement would be lifted at some point during the season. The vaccine requirement was NOT lifted before the end of the season.

  11. After a 60 hour Friday and Saturday night in Vegas, I’d likely be part of the 15% that either caught an early flight home or watched the game at the sports book as well.

  12. Uh most people bought season tickets to re-sell and make money. With the pandemic the demand was not as high.

  13. It’s a lot different when you buy tickets and plan to go to a game then having a Pit Boss or Casino Host offer you a pair of tickets while you’re gambling and swilling free drinks in a Casino. Would you like some Comp tickets to the Raiders Game ? Sure, Yeah, Thanks . When you see them on the dresser in the morning, not so much.

  14. I don’t feel that 14+% no-show rate is all that much of a surprise in Vegas?

  15. The dumb policy hurt attendance and many would-be visiting fans didn’t travel to see their teams because of all the covid stuff. Many of us out of towners bought seatix in order to sell to visiting fans while only planning to attend a game or two ourselves. This season the visitors list has some clunkers with teams with no fans (Chargers, Texans) but Patriots, Niners, Broncos, Chiefs should make up for it.

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