Is Tom Brady running the risk of overexposure?

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He spent nearly two decades as one of the original Stepford Patriots, saying only things that would not be met with disapproval from coach Bill Belichick. In the final years of Tom Brady‘s time in New England, the robot started to become self-aware.

Now, there’s a chance that the robot could end up running amok.

On Wednesday’s PFT Live, Simms and I raised the question of whether Tom Brady runs the risk of doing too much as he spreads his wings and diversifies professional pursuits that put him more and more in the public eye.

On one hand, he’s the greatest football player of all time and one of the greatest athletes of all time in any sport. On the other hand, there’s a saturation point for anyone and everyone. Human beings can get to the point where they’ve had enough of any other human being and/or self-aware robot.

During the first decade of his NFL career, Brady was far more selective about endorsements than Peyton Manning, who at one point was bordering on ubiquitous in his sponsorships. In the second decade for Brady, he started to do more and more. After he escaped Belichick, Brady began doing more and more and more.

And there will be more and more and more, presumably. Brady launched a weekly podcast in 2021. After the season, Brady pulled a surprise 40-day Favre, something that ultimately left football fans feeling confused and dismayed and some a little irritated. Those in the know realize just how close he came to engineering a path to Miami and the Dolphins. Those in the know also realize that the replacement of Bruce Arians of coach of the Bucs only 17 days after Brady’s 40-day retirement ended was not a boating accident.

Away from football, Brady is executive producing a movie in which he stars. He’s executive producing a series of TV roasts for which he’ll be the first subject. As we said on PFT Live, if he could sing, he’d record an album — like the original TB12 once did. (Then again, not being able to sing didn’t stop Terry Bradshaw.)

Brady also has his hand in cryptocurrency and NFTs and memorabilia and anything else to which he can attach his name and expand his holdings. More recently, he launched a clothing brand that he surely hopes  will someday be as big as Michael Jordan‘s Nike products.

Throw in his cool-uncle social-media habits, and it’s obvious that Brady is currently everywhere.

I had this specific item on my list of stories to copy-paste-snarky-comment into existence on Wednesday, but I didn’t get around to it. Then I saw the latest example of what could be #TooMuchTommy, a Hertz commercial in which his epiphany to keep playing arrives while he is working as the director of a Hertz commercial. (Things never go wrong for a football player who does a Hertz commercial.)

Comedy is subjective. Some will think Brady’s Hertz commercial is funny or cute or whatever. Others will think it’s cringeworthy. Ultimately, it’s another instance of more and more and more Tom Brady.

And this is all happening before Brady steps from the field into the booth, where his shadow already looms over the entire broadcasting industry thanks to his 10-year, $375 million contract with Fox.

The overriding point is this. For anyone in the public eye, there’s a risk of being in the public eye too much. For everyone who ever becomes as cool as Fonzie, there’s a chance that at some point they’ll jump the shark.

For some, Brady is already there. For others, he could be getting there eventually, especially if he keeps looking for more and more and more ways to become more and more and more involved.

He may not realize it. He may not have anyone telling him there’s a risk of doing too much. He may simply be thinking that he’s making up for 20 years of lost time, when he hardly did anything close to what he could have done while operating under the watchful glare of Bill Belichick.

In the interim, we can only hope that Brady never finds out about autotune. (Then again, not having autotune didn’t stop Terry Bradshaw, either.)

40 responses to “Is Tom Brady running the risk of overexposure?

  1. The question should be, “is the sports media and the Patriot fanboys finally sick of too much Brady?” Because the rest of us have been for at least 10 years.

  2. I’ve been sick of Tom Brady for years. He used to be fun to root against, now it’s just “go away already”. Enough is enough.

  3. “Is Tom Brady running the risk of overexposure?”
    Toooooo late to be asking that question….

  4. As long as he gets paid, he will continue to do what he wants. Why would he stop?

  5. You know this guy is 45 years old and has been in our faces for over 20 years, and you’re just now asking about overexposure?

  6. Yes hes over exposed and was very sick of him already. I wish he would have stayed retired for everybody in TB that lives here.

  7. Back in the day, I got tired of seeing Peyton Manning constantly. You know what I did? I didn’t watch him. If I was watching live TV and he was on a commercial, I hit the pause button, went off and did something else, then came back and fast-forwarded.

    While I’m a fan of Brady as a player, there are some of the off-field things he does that I don’t like; shilling for crypto and NFTs especially. So I don’t watch those ads and I don’t buy the products. Every rational person does the same thing when somebody they’re tired of shows up on their screens. Also, the level of exposure Brady has now is likely at or near peak and will start dropping as soon as he retires from playing. Yeah, he won’t disappear, especially if he’s on Fox Sports, but as with Manning, we’ll see/hear/read a lot less of him.

  8. The over-exposure you are talking about (podcast, executive producing a movie, etc.) is inside football type stuff. The average football fan and, more importantly, the average consumer doesn’t follow football to that extent. The way you get over-exposed is by doing too many national television ads so that you are in front of the fans/consumers even when they are not thinking about football.

  9. I became numb to Brady ten years ago. He was better when he kept his mouth shutter and know he is making up for lost time in a very bad way. Don’t watch him now and will mute him on Fox…..enough is enough.

  10. I really like Tom Brady the player as a football fan, but he hit the point of overexposure long ago. I’d love to only see him when I watch football.

    I also find all of this really strange given that he basically has infinite money between him and his wife and doesn’t need to do all of this stuff, and he comes across to me as a very awkward public figure who is uncomfortable in situations that aren’t controlled environments (like interviews).

  11. He doesn’t have Strahan’s personality or Manning’s sense of humor or Madden’s character. So all that’s left is to reinvent himself like the original TB did… who by the way, we’ve been sick of since long before Brady was a household name.

  12. It’s Brian Flores’ fault Brady didn’t come back. Tommy got no exposure the day he announced his retirement. Damn you Brian!!

  13. The title of this post answers its own question by removing ‘is’ and ‘?’.

  14. Here’s what media doesn’t get. Fans are sick of most of these guys. Brady, LeBron, Jeter back in the day. But when every single media outlet pushes the story down your throat 24/7 your only option is to not watch/consume sports media. But if you do consume it (because you like sports) the same media will say, see they must like these Tom Brady stories because they keep watching us.

  15. TB risking over exposure? As if over exposure hasn’t happened yet?

    Please…that guy’s been on our TVs since the early 2000s. I generally like the guy, and I have mad respect for his game. But he’s been over exposed since at least 2005. I don’t care if I never see or hear from that guy again and yet he continues to court attention well beyond what anyone’s ever needed. It’s borderline tyranny to have to turn on a football program and know that in some way shape or form, one might have to watch some media fawning over him just to get to the part one actually wants to see. It’s been like this since he won his first bowl.

    Risking over exposure? That’s a larf. Enough already.

  16. Agree with remizak’s comment. If you are sick of Brady, stop clicking and commenting on stories about Brady, especially non football stories about what he said or tweeted. If less people click on those stories, it won’t get reported as much because clicks generate revenue.

  17. Peyton Manning is better than Tommy in every aspect of the game both as a QB and as a personality. Carry on.

  18. How do I feel about Brady not only planning to do color commentary on NFL games for FOX, and also be their ambassador and a promotor of the network?

    I accept that most on PFT have a different world view than I do but I will be frank.

    He’s literally going to be the face of a network that promotes Replacement Theory, after a career of teaming with black athletes.

    Alas, end monetary result now justifies the means. He lives in a insular world and I can’t comprehend what’s at his core anymore.

  19. To late, overexposure began years ago. Yawn, move to the booth and rip your former teammates, Tommy-boy.

  20. Tom Brady, the luchbox!
    Tom Brady, the doll!

    Tom Brady, the flamethrower!!!

    I’m holding out for Tom Brady, the invisible man..

  21. Is Tom Brady risking over-exposure? I don’t know… Does frequently eating McDonald’s lead to obesity and diabetes?

  22. Tom Brady, the flamethrower!!!
    How dare y’all downvote this man’s most-excellent Spaceballs nod. LUDICROUS.

  23. The dude’s got Seven Rings and several other SB appearances. He took a team to a SB win his first year in the system. He’s married to the ex-top model in the world. I don’t think he can get over exposed.

  24. Brady is no different than any other celeb who thinks what they say and do when they’re not performing matters to the world.

    Sick of it.

    Fox will never get an acceptable return on their investment.

  25. Tom probably isn’t too concerned that fans of rival teams that he’s crushed the dreams of and jilted Pats fans think he’s overexposed. Normal people aren’t triggered when he shows up. Hey, he’s making hay while the sun shines. It takes a lot of bucks to buy an NFL team, and he has to make up for all the massive discounts he gave BB to win rings.

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