Nick Saban admits he was wrong to single out Texas A&M and Jackson State

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The proliferation of name, image, and likeness money is causing chaos for college football. Which has caused chaos between Alabama coach Nick Saban and a pair of his colleagues.

A day after Saban singled out Texas A&M and Jackson State, prompting strong reactions from Jimbo Fisher and Deion Sanders, respectively, Saban said he was wrong to single them out in suggesting that they bought players with NIL money.

“I should have been more specific when I said ‘bought’ in saying you can buy players now through name, image and likeness and never mentioned any specific school and just said ‘across the sport,'” Saban said. “That’s on me. But other than that, I don’t have any regrets over what I said Wednesday.”

Saban claims that he’s speaking out because he doesn’t want to adopt the if-you-can’t-beat-em-join-em approach.

“I don’t want to go down that road of bidding for players out of high school,” Saban said. “I don’t. But if we go through this recruiting class this year and we lose all the players, because they’re making a hundred thousand dollars going someplace else, then what can you do?”

But if he could do it, wouldn’t he already be doing it? This notion that Saban is complaining about the rules before exploiting them continues to seem naive. He would just exploit them, if he could. He’s complaining because he can’t.

“This is not professional sports,” Saban said. “I mean, we have free agency and no salary cap. That’s basically what we have, right? There’s no professional league that has that circumstance because none of them are stupid enough to have it, and that’s what we have.”

That’s what you have, Nick, because that’s what you deserve. Decades of exploitation of players has brought about chaos. Now, you and every other coach has to deal with it.

If you don’t like it, get out. You can do it, thanks to all the money you made during the years that the players got none of it.

33 responses to “Nick Saban admits he was wrong to single out Texas A&M and Jackson State

  1. It’s better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Right Nicky?

  2. Exploitation of players?

    Funny, when I was at school, the athletes had their own dedicated off campus housing, some on campus lux dorms, tutors and a social life for the privileged. Oh and yes alot had money and cars.


  3. Sounds like someone is mad because other schools can afford to pay what Alabama pays

  4. I’m all for players getting compensated to some degree and I’m no Saban fan but an unlimited salary cap does feel like a bad idea for college football. The competitions already lopsided as it is.

  5. I don’t always agree with Florio but when I do it’s because he’s right. I agree on this one.

  6. Nick complains that he cant do it. schools cannot pay or manage NIL contracts and he is frustrated. Remember that money is a lubricant; it makes things happen. What Nick is complaining is that in this world HE does not control who gets money and how much. Last year he proudly mentioned thst his incoming freshman QB, who had NEVER played a down of college football, had $1 M of NIL. Now that other schools are winning the talent war, weve got to shut it down.

    That aint the American way. We compete. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

    If you cannot do that, then YOU are the problem Nick.

  7. Nick, colleges, including ‘Bama, have made bank since the dawn of football from their student athletes. Time to pay up.

  8. Free agency and no salary cap? Hey Nick, ever heard of MLB? A Pirate Fan!

  9. Saban is just reacting to all the bad press and comments over his accusations. Now he’s trying to put the toothpaste back and can’t do it. Time for this guy to just go fishing….

  10. Not sure what his problem is – I would think the Alabama NIL machine (if implemented) could outbid just about everyone for the services of players. Same with most of the other schools with well-heeled alumni that enjoy their team being a winner.

    If Saban doesn’t want to play that game, fine. Rest assured, Alabama fans, the next coach will most certainly play that game – with big dollars and the blessing of the powers that be.

    College football is a professional game now – get used to it.

  11. One way or another, some place or another, the most talented college age players will still be playing college foot ball.
    And the lesser talented players will still will still be playing Div 3 the same as ever.

    So the kids are no worse off.

    I could care less about over paid coaches, rich donors and entitled wealthy schools worrying about their “programs.”

  12. It’s pay to win plain and simple. If your a professional then pay your own way.

  13. NIL has killed college sports. These paid players are no longer “amature” athletes. As a student, I would not support. Renting athletes to represent universities is the worst thing that could happen to college athletics. It’s only going to get worse as free speech will be expanded to enable them to be paid/promoted by every seedy industry imaginable. The NIL of the universities, student bodies and faculties are damaged by this.

  14. as if saban wasnt already paying players… With the NIL payments, will schools stop giving degrees away and make the players pay for school now?

  15. The players do get $$. It’s called a scholarship.

    $60,000-$90,000… sure, okay… not lets talk about the revenue of college football and basketball…….

  16. nunya says:
    May 20, 2022 at 12:16 am
    The players do get $$. It’s called a scholarship.

    Absolutely true. I’m just not sure how many players (or coaches) actually valued the education available to them.

  17. The NCAA should have had a plan in place knowing this was a possibility. Bumbling organization now having to play catch-up. Until they can figure it out, the Steinbrenner’s of University Booster programs will run the show.

  18. NIL has killed college sports.

    The NCAA killed college sports.

    They didn’t do a single thing to try to contain this. Not one thing.

  19. “Exploited” is overstating it. The players get paid pretty well at these big football schools. I knew a guy who got 20k cash to sign with a southern powerhouse– and that was decades ago. It must be huge money nowadays. It’s the middle level college athletes who I’m happiest for with the NIL money because their schools make money off of them but the booster programs are nowhere near as well-heeled as the big powers.

  20. Saban is clearly trying to avoid getting sued. I really don’t see how JSU and Texas A&M can move forward without suing him for defamation. He made claims he certainly can’t back up & now the SEC/Alabama lawyers are trying to quash this story.

    All because the Sabans of the world hate to share the prosperity.

  21. People thinking Saban & Alabama must have a treasure trove of riches to entice players, don’t realize or understand that a school like TA&M has oil money backing it. Alabama cannot compete with money in Texas oil.

  22. Looking back on previous national champions, Yale, Princeton, and Harvard dominated college football from the 1860’s all the way to the 1920’s. It would be rich (pun intended) to see them make a comeback!

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