OC Mike Kafka calling plays at Giants practice, but no decision on games


Brian Daboll is the head coach of the Giants because of his success calling plays for the Bills offense the last few years, but he said in January that he wasn’t sure if he would continue doing so in his new job.

Mike Kafka was hired as the offensive coordinator after Daboll made those comments and his background suggests that Daboll calling plays remains on the table. Kafka’s five years of NFL coaching experience came as a quality control and quarterbacks coach on Andy Reid’s staff in Kansas City, so he’s never called plays in a game before.

On Thursday, Kafka told reporters that he’s been calling plays at practice but that the team has not made any decision about how the process will go in the regular season.

Whether Kafka gets the reins or not this fall, the Giants will be hoping to see a metamorphosis from quarterback Daniel Jones under the new coaching staff.

4 responses to “OC Mike Kafka calling plays at Giants practice, but no decision on games

  1. Great hire by the Giants. I suspect Kafka will be a head coach in the not too distant future.

  2. It shows how low the Giants organization has sunk that the big good news for them is they are doing normal things like deciding if an offensive minded head coach or a veteran offensive coordinator should call plays. In past years, they’d have signed 3 top of the market overpriced free agents by now, picked an obvious bust or two in the first three rounds of the draft, and have a new obviously overmatched head coach ranting dumb cliches at off-season press conferences.

    The Giants might not be pretty bad this year, but they’ll probably at least be boring instead of looking like a reality TV train wreck.

  3. Giants will win 8 games this year and have to decide about the Qb position next year. G men

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