Tom Clements: Aaron Rodgers doesn’t need reps at this time of year

Green Bay Packers Training Camp
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Aaron Rodgers played a significant role in the Packers bringing back Tom Clements as the team’s quarterbacks coach. But Clements is not pressed that Rodgers isn’t attending the voluntary offseason program this year.

Rodgers hasn’t been around in the spring for a few years, electing to spend his time on mindfulness and training elsewhere. It clearly hasn’t affected the quarterback negatively, as he’s won the last two MVP awards.

Though the Packers are integrating several new receivers, Clements doesn’t foresee any issues for Rodgers and the new pass catchers whenever he arrives.

“We’ll have to see what the program is like during the OTAs,” Clements said in his Thursday press conference. “I know it’s a little bit different than it was previously when I was here. But Aaron doesn’t need reps at this time of the year. So, obviously, it would be nice to have him here. But he’s seen these things 1,000 times. He’ll be ready to go when training camp starts.”

Clements added that for the new receivers — who are mostly working with quarterback Jordan Love — it’s best for them to learn the system and then learn from their mistakes so they’ll be ready to go when training camp begins.

“I think that there will be enough time at that time for Aaron to work with them,” Clements said.

Rodgers did come around the building around two or three weeks ago, Clements said, when he was in the area for a Milwaukee Bucks game.

“Since that time, some texts back and forth. But he’ll be ready to go. He’ll be eager to go,” Clements said. “He’s at a different stage of his career now where he’s taking care of himself and working on what he thinks he needs to work on physically. He looked good when I saw him, so he’ll be ready to go.”

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  1. Maybe it’s not just about Rodgers. Maybe its also about that less than talented WR squad getting reps with their QB . Maybe its about their rookie WRs with a bad case of the droppies working with rodgers.
    Rodgers only see the world as it applies to him

  2. Tom Clements sounds like another scared of Rodgers green bay mgmt apologist. He is fitting right in

  3. Those concerned about these practices need to attend them once. This is for the Man Child’s that haven’t left college yet and understand they are professionals. They can’t even really play football. Remember that opener vs the Saints where Brees and Co. where doing all there extra practices and because of the shorten season they where going to be so ahead of Rodgers and Green Bay. How did that work out?

  4. I’m sorry. If you sign a mega contract after bowing out of the playoffs early for what seems like the 20th year in a row, you should be there.

  5. Aaron doesn’t need the reps but his receivers could use them to get his rhythm and gel with him. It is not all about Aaron. But don’t tell Aaron that.

  6. Any problems the Packers have this season are NOT because Aaron did not show up for OTAs. Even CheeseWhiz up there^^^^ should know that.

  7. Rodgers did come around the building around two or three weeks ago, Clements said, when he was in the area for a Milwaukee Bucks game.
    The Packers are an afterthought. LOLOL

  8. It’s true that voluntary programs aren’t really need for established veterans in most situations.
    Aaron Rodgers threw for over four thousand yards last season. About half of that was to receivers who aren’t on the team anymore.
    Getting as much time as possible with this new group is more important than ever regardless of the continuity they’ve had over the previous years, never mind the fact that that continuity didn’t lead them to playoff victories.

  9. The Packers trolls and Rodgers haters just can’t get enough of this story. 99.9% of what happens in the NFL between the draft and training camp is superfluous. It’s for rookies and free agents to try and show something. At this point, Rodgers needs to show he can be a better player in the playoffs, not the dedication of a 3rd year vet trying to establish his role on the team. This is a giant non-story. As a Packers fan, I’m happy Love is getting all the reps between now and late July. Now and training camp/preseason is the time for him to show if he can be an NFL QB, or at minimum be the kind of trade bait that can recoup a 2nd/3rd round pick.

  10. Not sure why some of you are so upset.

    This years voluntary workouts is all about getting Jordan Love the reps!

    No distractions this week, Jordan will be the guy running the offense.

    The rookies need to learn how to be an NFL player 1st, then how to be an NFL wr, rb, DE, etc, whatever their position.

    These repairs I’m May, would mean nothing to Aaron.
    They will mean everything to Jordan and the rest of the young guys!

  11. I remember Tommy Mason and I approve of this approach by Mr. Rodgers.

  12. Yeah he doesn’t need those reps. Those new receivers will just get his timing down from playing Madden. Sounds reasonable.

  13. I’m sorry. If you sign a mega contract after bowing out of the playoffs early for what seems like the 20th year in a row, you should be there.

    You should be sorry.

    He won a game the previous 5 post-seasons prior to last year.

  14. There’s no need to prepare for victory when you’re known for losing in the first round of the playoffs every single year so no worries there

  15. Now we know why the lying diva wanted TC back. To take all the shade off of his highness when it turns into yet another NFCN and out year, if that. This “team” is the classical dysfunctional teams do dysfunctional things. Even though I grew up in GB I’m thinking the Vikes have a better chance at the NFCN, I hope.

  16. Well of course Rodgers doesn’t need to be present for OTAs. It’s not gonna be his fault when any pass falls incomplete or gets intercepted. It’s not gonna be his fault when any of his O-linemen mess up his cadence and false start. And it’s not gonna be his fault when he is not in sync with the coaching staff.

  17. He needs to put in the work with the new receivers watch him cry during the season blame the wide receiver because they haven’t enough chemistry together.

  18. Rodgers must be jealous of what the Saints GM did for that WR group accumulating all that talent .

  19. Rodgers doesn’t need the reps but the rookies, free agents and second year guys do! Duh-hu
    There is quite a bit to say about this; but I will sum it up this way. ‘Rodgers is no Tom Brady’!

  20. This dude should be leading by example and be at every event. They pay him $50M, which causes the team to be unable to afford some really good players, and not he wants to go meditate. How about you get in a little more practice reps so that maybe you can sniff a SB for the first time since 2010.

  21. His lack of appearance in mini-camps didn’t make much difference last year and it didn’t make much difference the year before that. Then again, it didn’t result in many playoff victories either.

  22. In 2021 Rodgers didn’t show up for anything in the off season until the day before training camp.
    He threw 366 completions, 4,100 yards, 37 td’s and 4 interceptions in 18 games. D. Adams had 123 of those catches, true, but this new arrangement enables Rodgers to spread the ball around more.

    In the old days veteran players took jobs in the off season to have enough money to live. They used training camp to get into shape. “Much Ado About Nothing”.

    People who worry about this stuff need to find a hobby.

  23. I’d like to see Rodgers take 12 – 15 snaps in one of the last 2 preseason games just to knock off a little rust.

  24. Aaron Rodgers: Giving the purples at least something meaningful to care about since 2005.

  25. They should have moved on from the diva. Any leader would be there leading his team. He is an extremely selfish player. Yes, he doesn’t need the reps but building chemistry and teaching his receivers would be a very good thing.

  26. Longtimepackerfan says:
    May 19, 2022 at 7:46 pm
    If they can catch AR will throw them dimes.
    Because that’s all that’s left to pay them with after he took his chunk?

  27. Isn’t it weird, how it’s always All About Him, rather than those fighting to keep him standing long enough to throw, or those who catch his passes to complete the play?
    They did the same thing with Favre, who spent the latter half of his career like a weird, reclusive Howard Hughes.
    It may be true that he doesn’t have to throw.
    But a leader is a leader, and a Real Leader would be doing everything he can to lead.
    This isn’t that.

  28. Rodgers best no complain he lacks connection with his receivers this year. He is passing a chance to develop that.

    Huge new contract, new receivers, new QB coach…and he’s a no-show? Hummmm Even Deshaun Watson is working with his new offense.

  29. We are obsessed with Aaron Rodgers in Minnesota. Gives us something to think about and focus on.

  30. Really? Don’t need reps? Rodgers has what we call in the music bidness LSD. Lead Singer Disease! That you are the end all to be all. Dude, MVP trophies from the previous year do not guarantee anything you selfish pretentious Tom Brady wanna be. Your job as a vet is to mentor these young WR. Lol…..Packers fans get ready for a long season… throng of A A Ron lovers are going to be highly disappointed. But you can ways blame it on special teams!

  31. stellarperformance says:
    May 20, 2022 at 7:42 am
    If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.
    Um back to back 13 win seasons, home field, ZERO Super Bowl wins – its broken dude

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