A.J. Brown says his peace is being threatened because he was traded

NFL: MAY 02 AJ Brown Press Conference
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Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown released a statement today about unspecified concerns he has related to fan reaction to his trade from the Titans.

Apparently referencing a football camp in Tennessee that he has decided to pull out of, Brown said that he was sorry to the kids attempting the camp, but felt he had no choice because of the way some adults in Tennessee have acted toward him since he moved on to Philadelphia.

“I’m so sorry I let down your kids and many others but I will not put myself in a place where my peace is going to be threatened by adults who feel a way because I was traded,” Brown wrote. “I’m every bad word it is for taking care of MY FAMILY! if you’re not aware just look on social media. I’m a man first and I will always do what I feel is right for me and my family. People are upset and that’s fine but it’s not that serious when it comes to me. People can disrespect me on social media and that’s fine but being disrespectful to my face is whole another things and I’m not tolerating it on any level. So forgive me for not putting myself in a place where my peace could be threatened because if something happens and I rect, I’m the one who has everything to lose and not willing to risk my peace, my family, or my job.

“I would love to make everyone children’s day but not if I’m putting my own at risk. Please don’t say nothing is going to happen because nobody knows that. I’m sure someone will still have a problem with this and that’s fine as well. If you can’t understand that then it’s because you don’t want to. Take care! Love.”

As is often the case for pro athletes who change teams, Brown has taken some social media abuse from fans of his former team. And Brown has decided to avoid appearances in Tennessee, to prevent that social media abuse from moving into real life.

45 responses to “A.J. Brown says his peace is being threatened because he was traded

  1. The Titans traded him because they were too cheap to sign him to a long term contract. He had no control over himself being traded.

  2. It’s completely awful that our society has come to a point where nameless, faceless and anonymous people can disrupt someone’s professional and personal life. The mere fact that this man fears for the safety of himself and his family says it all.

  3. Fans that verbally attack players need to be banned from practice and games.

  4. Good for him, when it comes to social media suddenly everyone says what ever they want because they feel they are 6’8″ and bulletproof behind their mighty keyboard.

  5. So what he essentially said is he can’t control his temper. Got it

  6. People will be people. Not everyone is the same. That’s the beauty of our world, however no one should be subjected to threats of any capacity.

  7. He’s right.People need to realize that this is a business and nothing‘s guaranteed.

  8. It’s messed up that people act like that… Good for him for saying enough and pulling out of the camp, if that is truly the reasoning behind it.

  9. radar773 says:
    May 20, 2022 at 4:13 pm
    Fans that verbally attack players need to be banned from practice and games.

    And, people that verbally (and physically) attack police?

  10. noticed your gentle rebuke of titans fans. if teams were switched in this story there would be no end to the dispicable, violence invoking, santa boo-ing , snow ball throwering, michael irvin injury cheering, in-stadium courtroom animals from philly.

  11. fuzall says:
    May 20, 2022 at 5:05 pm
    radar773 says:
    May 20, 2022 at 4:13 pm
    Fans that verbally attack players need to be banned from practice and games.

    And, people that verbally (and physically) attack police?


    They should banned from the Policeman’s ball.

  12. Fair, but if I’m him I’m sending all the kids an autographed card or something. He would gain many fans for life. It’s not the kids fault.

  13. minime says:
    May 20, 2022 at 5:09 pm
    Fans pay the salaries.
    Fans say whatever they want.
    You’re probably rude and obnoxious to the clerks at grocery stores, too, then… Since customers “pay their salaries”? And waitresses/waiters, bartenders, pilots, bus drivers, and basically every other person who works? Because you’re their boss if you shop where they work, or if you pay to be entertained by their trade? So, basically, anytime you don’t get something for free, you should be entitled to be a jackwagon and treat people like crap? OK, got it.

  14. Tennessee is easily one of the mildest fan bases. If was traded to TN from Philly it would have been an entirely different story..

  15. Fans pay the salaries.
    Fans say whatever they want.


    And when the players ignore the fans, the fans have the right to throw things at the players or run onto the field or court to physically attack them. You’re what’s called a sociopath.

  16. If he thought a social media reaction was rough, wait until he sees how he ges treated by eagles fans after a bad game. Guy seems a little soft. May not be ready for the weirdness of a philly fanbase.

  17. Any upset Titans fans are welcome to come to the Linc to voice their frustrations. We’ll send them home with a brand new set of problems.

  18. Sorry, but I just can’t get past the lack of grammar and spelling skills shown by so many college graduates these days.

  19. I wish players that are turning down 10+ million a year contracts for millions more on another team wouldn’t use the phrase “taking care of my family”, nobody believes it.

    When you are deciding which multi-year multi million dollar contract to take there is no problem putting food on the table, buying just about anything you want or your kids want or your kid’s kids. Just say it was for the money. It almost always is. I don’t blame him for trying to get as much as he can though. my 2c.

  20. These aren’t fans. Strong legal action needs to be taken against these hoodlums.
    Set an example and watch these bullies fold

  21. fuzall says:
    May 20, 2022 at 5:05 pm
    radar773 says:
    May 20, 2022 at 4:13 pm
    Fans that verbally attack players need to be banned from practice and games.

    And, people that verbally (and physically) attack police?
    Those people are referred to as “peaceful protestors”

  22. radar773 says:
    May 20, 2022 at 4:13 pm
    Fans that verbally attack players need to be banned from practice and games.

    And, people that verbally (and physically) attack police?


    And police that use their badge to physically attack protestors.

  23. Why would any pro athlete take offense at anything ever said on social media?

    Children in a man’s body.

    What ever happened to the sticks and stones mantra?

  24. If fans are going to be jerks, then they have to pay the price. The man should not have to subject himself to abuse under any circumstances. Fans can think what they want and say what they want, just not to player’s faces. It’s wrong. Even at sporting events, it’s wrong.

  25. If he thinks the Tennessee fans are bad, wait until he starts dealing with the Philly fans!

  26. Philadelphia kids need you too AJ… welcome to Philly. We’ll get a camp going for ya.

  27. We all know how poorly many overzealous parents treat coach’s and refs. Emabarassing for the kids. Combine that with fan entitleement and you get this. Good decision by AJ.

  28. And now he’s with the nice fans in Philly, wonder how that will work out

  29. Doesn’t matter if it’s a business or not, he can do what he wants. It’s his career. Am I disappointed he chose to leave TN? Sure. What Titans fan isn’t? Do I totally respect his decision? Yep.

  30. Stop the presses! Rival finals are talking trash!! This is breaking news!

  31. Stop the presses! Rival fins are talking trash!! This is breaking news!

  32. AJ – Invite all of those fans into the stands at Lincoln financial field and they’ll be taken care of promptly.

  33. Spend more time working on your game and less time on social media. If you look long and hard enough, you can find someone who doesn’t like Santa Claus.

  34. Every Social Media site,.. users have to register. If someone makes a social media threat they should be sought out and charged. These websites know who their users are. Police should have the right to get that info.

  35. Last month, less than 48 hours after the trade was completed, word was already going around Nashville that AJB was pulling out of his football camp. Nashville fans heard about this even before before the details came out about AJ’s salary demand and trade request.

    Now a month later. AJ is acting as if he’s only recently decided to pull out of his camp due to concerns for his safety. The fact is, this is a decision he made a month ago, as soon as the trade was completed….and long before any fan had reason to be upset with him.

    AJ, if you want to pull out of your camp….fine, whatever. Nashville fans and media have known for a month….but it didn’t become a story until you suddenly decided to make it one. And now you’re trying to blame the fans for a decision you made a month ago.

  36. There is a lot wrong here. A loud minority of fans do suck and are classless. AJ Brown has problems though. He’s immature, reacts on social media, and he absolutely had a part in finding his way out of Tennessee. He better grow up quick and figure out a way to stay on the field, otherwise the Philadelphia fan base will be far worse. Playing for $4m per year is way different than playing for $25m. He better prepare himself for the high expectations or the Tennessee fans will be the least of his concerns.

  37. A lot of commenters seem to have interpreted this story as AJ Brown being threatened with violence… but those aren’t the words he used. When he says his “peace is being threatened” it reads to me like he’s afraid of being engaged in a nasty conversation with someone and provoked into fighting.

    I certainly wouldn’t want to have some dum-dum approach me like that, but to bail on the kids because you’re worried you can’t control yourself enough not to hit a guy who’s talking trash? Come on AJ!

  38. If he thinks Tenn fans are rough he’s in for a rude awakening in Philly when they turn on him.

    And they will.

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