Drew Brees could end up on the No. 2 team at Fox

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With Greg Olsen getting bumped from the No. 2 team to the No. 1 team at Fox while Fox awaits the arrival of Tom Brady as the $37.5-million-per-year top analyst, Fox has an opening on its second team.

As noted by Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, that spot could go to Drew Brees.

Brees, technically employed by NBC but (as Marchand reported on Sunday) not expected to return, wants to call games. There are no games for him to call at NBC. Fox, meanwhile, has an obvious opening.

“If Brees wants to have a big NFL broadcasting career, this is probably going to be his best — maybe last — chance to do it,” Marchand tweeted. “Fox will not break the bank for him, but the opportunity will be there.”

The simple reality is that most seats are filled. One remains open, at least until Olsen gets bumped back down to No. 2 by Brady. But that at least gives Brees a year or two or maybe even more (depending on how long Brady keeps playing) to hone his craft and position himself for whatever the broadcasting reality will be once Brady shows up.

11 responses to “Drew Brees could end up on the No. 2 team at Fox

  1. Don’t do it Fox. Brees isn’t good at this. Olsen isn’t really either. Start mining for more talent.

  2. Brees is just not that good at calling games, at least for now. The position at Fox perhaps will allow him to hone his crafts. He certainly knows the game but his delivery has to be fluent and casual without hesitation and expresses the excitement of the game at the same time. Finding that middle ground between plainspokenness and educational to the laymen is not easy. That’s why John Madden was monumental. Wish him luck.

  3. It might help if Brees was, ya know, somewhat interesting. He’s just dull.

    I thought he was looking down the road to politics so that might be his play… come to think of it, he might fit in at Fox.

  4. I love Brees but sometimes this just doesn’t work out. You need a certain skill set and he doesn’t have it. Hes terrible on air.

  5. If Brees continues to show that he realizes that the game is why we tune in and that silence can enhance a broadcast, he’ll be a huge upgrade over Olsen and Aikman.

  6. I thought every game i watched last season that Drew gave the commentary on was terrible. He has very little to add and most of the time relies on elevating himself rather than the game. He was harder for me to listen to than Joe Buck and Colin and his son Jac or Jax or however you spell it

  7. None of this matters to me. I have never looked at a Sunday lineup and selected a game on whether it’s Collinsworth, Aikman, Olsen, Romo, or whomever. If the commentator and analyst are too yappie (ESPN, I’m looking at you) then I simply mute the sound. I do not need them to tell me what I am able to see for myself.

  8. He needs to tell the listeners what he’s seeing on the field regardless of whose feelings he hurts. Break down what’s happening. Broadcasting is a learnable skill. I’m sure he could be as good as Romo, who looks at a play and explains what a player did well and who screwed up. He talks about the “chess game” that he sees. Brees just needs to talk about what he knows, which is football.

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