Joe Burrow: I love playing the Ravens because they talk

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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Games between the Ravens and Bengals were not a lot of fun for Cincinnati for a long stretch of time, but the 2021 season represented a break from tradition.

The Bengals won the AFC North and went to the Super Bowl while the Ravens missed the postseason for the first time since 2017. Part of the reason for those outcomes were a pair of Bengals blowouts over the Ravens. They won 41-17 at home in Week 7 and 41-21 in Baltimore in Week 16 with Joe Burrow putting up huge numbers both times.

He threw for 416 yards and three touchdowns in the first meeting and 525 yards and four touchdowns in the rematch. During a recent appearance on the Full Send Podcast, Burrow said that the Ravens like to talk a lot of trash and that makes him love the meetings with their divisional rivals all the more.

“I love playing the Ravens because they talk,” Burrow said. “They talk. I love that. . . . [The score] was a lot to a little. I threw for 520-something in the second one and I threw for 400-something in the first one. Ja’Marr had like 260-something yards the first game. Yeah, I love playing the Ravens. They like to talk. I don’t start the talking, but I usually — if somebody pokes me, I can talk a little bit.”

Poking the Bengals quarterback didn’t work out for the Ravens last season. On a Sunday night in Week 5, we’ll find out if the Ravens try something different this time around.

39 responses to “Joe Burrow: I love playing the Ravens because they talk

  1. Burrow loves to talk himself and likes the attention his off field outfits get him. A whole new season with a larger target on his back and a much tougher schedule. Let your play do the talking Joe B.

  2. So Burrow threw for almost 1000 yard against the Ravens in two games. That’s almost 1/2 a season with of yards for Lamar!!

  3. This guy is the most like Aaron Rodgers– the wonderfully elastic arm, the sense of what is happening on the field as the play unfolds, the great mental ability to think above the fray while in the middle of the fray. Gonna be fun to watch him the next ten years.

  4. “Games between the Ravens and Bengals were not a lot of fun for Cincinnati for a long stretch of time …”
    Not sure what stretch of time you are talking about. So far in the 2020s, the series is tied 2-2. In the 2010s, the series was tied 10-10. AJ Green torched the Ravens a lot so they rarely had the upper hand.

  5. Historically, the only time games against the Ravens weren’t fun for the Bengals was during years in which Bengals games weren’t fun at all because they lost so much. Marvin Lewis had a record of 19-13 against Baltimore, so that actual long stretch of time was a pretty fun time to watch the Bengals play the Ravens

  6. That 2nd game was against DB’s signed off the street. The Bengals executed great in that game but it was against a dumpster-fire of a secondary.

  7. nhpats2011 says:
    May 20, 2022 at 1:23 pm
    So Burrow threw for almost 1000 yard against the Ravens in two games. That’s almost 1/2 a season with of yards for Lamar!!


    Yep! RG3-2.0

  8. Joe Burrow reminds of a bigger more athletic Joe Montana with the same easy and seemingly effortless style of play. Same “Joe Cool” attitude and approach to the game.

  9. Bengals have had the Ravens number every bit as much as the Ravens had the Bengals. Let’s not try and paint this as a lopsided matchup, it hasn’t been in 15 years. With Ravens healthy, should be a fun couple of games this year.

  10. Delusional quarterback. He won’t have an ACL left if he keeps this up. Super bowl choker. They have no shot.

  11. he will here some talking this year with secondary
    coming back from injuries .. good luck JOE.

  12. Keep talking Joe, let’s see how you do against a healthy Ravens D.

  13. Joe Burrow is setting himself up for a lot of criticism after his rookie contract. Take a note out of Justin Herbert’s book and lead by example, Joe.

  14. Bengals have had a pretty good run the past 20 years or so against Baltimore..
    Pittsburgh has been the bane of their existence..

  15. Not a team fan, I like players. I like players on both of these teams. Joe Burrow has the right attitude, just like Lamar does. They play to win the game.

    What I don’t like is that Coach H talks in the wrong way and starts whining or making excuses.

    The players, they’re great. Let that BAL defense talk smack. Let Chase run up digits on them. Whatever, that’s the fun in the game.

    I have a feeling Mr. Burrow may not light them up in the next meeting after this statement, but who cares? It will be entertaining and that’s what we pay to watch.

  16. That 2nd game was against DB’s signed off the street. The Bengals executed great in that game but it was against a dumpster-fire of a secondary.


    And the result was almost exactly the same as the first game, so what was the excuse for that one?

    The Ravens and their fans love to talk as if they own the Bengals, but facts say otherwise. The only time the Ravens were consistently successful against Cincy was before 2003. Check the records if you don’t believe me. Facts don’t lie, but tired narratives do.

  17. Love this kid!! hopefully he can get some protection this year. Go Bengals!!

  18. First 8 games of the all time series broke 5-3 for the Ravens in the ‘9os and now stand 27-25 all time

  19. Post-Terrell Suggs,didn’t know Ravens players talked a lot on the field.
    Anyway I do like trash talking with Ravens fans because their style of trash talking has some humor and makes sense unlike the Steelers and Clowns, ugh,excuse me..Browns fans..

  20. Hey there “atheists are idiots”….you offer no value to any thread. Feel free to talk to yourself. You’re the only one that finds anything you say even remotely interesting.

  21. Speaking of talking…have we heard enough from Burrow this week or what? One Year Wonder Nerd.

  22. I love Burrow. What he’s saying is he likes it when teams come in thinking they’re bad, and then he proceeds to kick their tails. Burrow hasn’t even scratched the surface yet. He’s years away from his prime. Enjoy it, Bengals fans. It’s been a long time coming.

  23. Yes, Bengals fans. The head to head match up between these two teams has been relatively even for the past 20 years. What’s not even? PLayoff appearances, playoff wins and Super Bowls. But I’m sure you knew that. Burrow is still the guy that was near or at the top of the league in picks through 3/4 of the season last year. He did have a Flacco-type late run – without the ring, of course. He’s talented for sure. Let’s see where he is in a few years.

  24. He does like to spank the Ravens, but for whatever reason cant beat the Browns.

  25. I love seeing the Mad Pittsburgh fans that hate that Joey B gave an interview and actually answered questions that were asked of him calling him a one-hit wonder LOL have fun sucking for the next decade

  26. Enjoy it while it lasts Bungle Jungle. Given time, Mike Brown & Co will inevitably return to mediocrity.

  27. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    May 20, 2022 at 2:15 pm
    These are not the same old Bengals, thanks to Joe Burrow.

    Giving a QB all of the credit, that sure shows when someone knows very little about the game!

    Teams win games not individual players! Also the Bengals weren’t anywhere as close to being this good before Chase so is it Burrow or Chase? I think it’s a combination of the two and a lot of other players as well and the HC and OC, what a HUGE improvement Taylor & Callahan is over Marvin Lewis and Hue!

    It takes a team to win a Championship, hasn’t Rodgers being as good as he is yet only having one Championship proven anything to some people? The greatest QB in the world isn’t going to win a lot of SB’s without some other good/great players around them!

  28. Super Bowl victories:

    Baltimore Colts – 2
    Baltimore Ravens – 2
    Cincinnati Bengals – 0

  29. Cool Joe vs Distraction Jackson? Yeah, I can see Burrow’s point. He will put up Madden numbers vs the stuck-in-the-1950’s offense the Ravens run. Lamar still needs to learn how to throw a 30 yd out pattern, while Burrow lights them up.

  30. Now let’s see if the Bengals can turn the tables in the Steelers. They are 3-1 in the last 2 years but have only beaten the Steelers 16 times in the past 3 decades. It’s not they ravens they needs to worry about.

  31. The last time the Ravens were healthy they kicked his head in.

    I think he loves playing a depleted Ravens team.

    The great Brady, Manning, or Big Ben didn’t even talk like this and they actually beat great ravens teams.

    Dude has a lot to learn.

    Gonna be a painful lesson.

  32. baltimoresnativeson…”Dude has a lot to learn.

    Gonna be a painful lesson.” Are you talking about Lamar Jackson learning how to throw a ball?

  33. Joe B was answering questions not talking smack or being disrespectful . For all you homers that think Lamar Latrell is going to win a championship… the team just got rid of the best receiver and said to the rest of the league, we are going to run the ball every play cause our QB can’t read a defense.

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