Report: Michael Vick will play in a Fan Controlled Football game next week

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Michael Vick is ready to step back on the football field at the age of 41.

Vick will play a game on May 28 for Fan Controlled Football, according to Reuters. That’s the last day of Fan Controlled Football’s regular season, so this is not any kind of long-term commitment from Vick.

Terrell Owens is also playing Fan Controlled Football this season, so Vick isn’t the league’s only past-his-prime former NFL star. Johnny Manziel has played in Fan Controlled Football as well.

Fan Controlled Football plays a 7-on-7 format on a 50-yard indoor field at Pullman Yards in Atlanta, the city where Vick played his best football for the Falcons before going to prison for his role in a dog fighting ring.

There is no word on which Fan Controlled Football team Vick will play for.

3 responses to “Report: Michael Vick will play in a Fan Controlled Football game next week

  1. I miss watching him play. All these people comparing Lamar Jackson to Vick have no idea how much better of a passer Vick was.

  2. I wish they’d put him in a pen with 11 dogs that haven’t been fed for 10 days.

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