Titans keep pushing for new, not refurbished, stadium

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The Titans continue to press for a new stadium, and they continue to resist the possible refurbishment of their existing home in Nashville.

Via the Tennessean, Titans president/CEO Burke Nihill said that a new stadium is the best long-term solution for the team and its current hometown.

Nihill presented to the Metro Sports Authority on Thursday an analysis by AECOM Hunt construction, which concluded that Nissan Stadium will require $1.2 billion to renovate with another $900 million in upgrades in order to remain relevant through 2039, the term of the current lease. That’s $2.1 billion. A new stadium is expected to cost between $1.9 billion and $2.2 billion.

The Titans, like most other NFL teams, would like to foist the bulk of the expense onto the taxpayers. Based on prior reports and public comments, a new stadium would be built with $700 million in private money — and $1.5 billion in public money, far and away a new record.

“The mayor said it last week . . . that in his opinion, doing nothing is not an option,” Nihill told reporters. “I think we’ve seen it that way for three or four years. Probably longer. Just understanding that the condition of this building, the increasing NFL standards and really all standards for building that we had to stop plugging holes and come up with a comprehensive solution. . . . The building condition of the current building [and] the inflexibility of the current building makes it hard to picture that building being a 50- or 60-year-old building, which is what it would be if we extended the lease and did the financing necessary to do a large-scale renovation.”

Giving the Titans added leverage is the notion that, per Nihill, it will cost the Metro Sports Authority $1.8 billion to keep the stadium up to snuff through 2039. Thus, the obvious alternative is to just build a new one.

Mayor John Cooper has proposed that the Titans, not the Metro Sports Authority, be responsible for stadium maintenance and improvement costs, if a new facility is built. Cooper also has asked that the Titans cover any construction cost overruns.

So the options currently are: (1) spend a lot of taxpayer money on a new stadium; (2) spend a lot of taxpayer money to meet contractual obligations to maintain and upgrade the current stadium; or (3) breach the obligations under the current lease and risk the Titans will do to Nashville what the franchise did to Houston in the 1990s — leave town.

Choose wisely, Nashville, because if the team ever gets a chance to go get elsewhere what it can’t get there, it won’t take two guesses to figure out what it will do.

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  1. As a Houstonian pushing 50, I’m getting major deja vu vibes………. Better give the Adams family what they want, Nashville. You know what, don’t listen to me…. I’m sure they would never move the team.

  2. If the taxpayers are fronting the bill for capital expenditures it’s the taxpayers who should own the team. Enough of this.

  3. Where do NFL owners think they can move next? London? St. Louis? San Diego? Oakland? Mexico City? Toronto? A second team in Chicago? A third team in LA or New York? Sooner or later, they will saturate the market of municipalities with the desire and ability to fund their spaceship stadiums. If Congress had any backbone (I know, I know), it would outlaw this practice of municipal stadium funding. All they would have to do is pull the anti-trust exemption.

    Also, speaking from experience, having been to Nissan/LP/Adelphia etc. many times, that stadium is just fine for a team without a deep-set fan base and a low history of tradition like the Titans. Nashville is cool enough to be just fine without them.

  4. It it actually costs that much to repair (what a bogus analysis), then they should be suing the original builders. I hate being lied to about the reasons for a cash-grab to build another ridiculous stadium.

  5. What are potential destinations if the Titans depart Nashville? Saint Louis? Dallas? Oklahoma City? London? San Diego? This is why the NFL should not expand beyond 32 teams. As long as there are more cities than available franchises they can always get stadiums built on the public’s dime.

  6. The best thing for the Titans would be a new stadium? Lol, the best thing for Nashville would be for the Titans to pay in full for the $2.2 billion dollar stadium they want.

  7. Obviously, if the new stadium cost to the taxpayer is about the same as restoring and upgrading the existing facility, you build a new one. The question really boils down to what the costs will be to maintain or upgrade the new stadium. If the team can assure the taxpayer they will foot the ongoing costs of a new one; build away!

  8. With Nashville being a destination city, a new stadium that would attract a lot of events and be a part of superbowl rotation may actually make sense. As opposed to some places farther north where buildings are built for 8 games per year.

  9. Where would the Titans move?

    San Antonio.

    Ownership still lives in Texas, are Longhorn alumni, and this would rebirth the Oilers as the “Texas Oilers.”

  10. Seems like a steep amount just for a renovation. It’s not like the stadium is a decrepit mess like San Diego or Oakland had. TN or Nashville should audit the findings. Even building on the current location could save a fortune on infrastructure.

  11. Does it really matter what a fan from the NY Jets thinks or NE Patriots? No.

    Its all local and always will be. If you want the prestige that comes with being a NFL town, you are gonna have to pay your fair share. If not, let the Titans go and I’m sure some locality will happily foot that bill with the State elsewhere.

    This is a local and State voters issue. Let them decide and live with consequences.

  12. I tell them to take a hike. Nashville and Tennessee will be just fine. The solution isn’t to give in due to fear they will leave, it is to set the example and start making the owners pay for their stadiums. Their raking in money but can’t maintain their buildings and need new ones after a decade.

  13. If this is such a great way to spend money, then the owners should be doing the spending.

  14. We’ve all seen this dance and the greddy owners will win. TENNESSEE is the new northern ‘go to’ location as folks flee NY ,NJ,Penn ,and New England states because of HIGH TAXes. Ten residents will be footing the majority of the costs for this new stadium. Sorry fellas.

  15. As an Oiler fan, and former season ticket holder, I’ve lived this crap before from the Adams family. It’s time to start letting these billionaire owners foot the bill for their play houses!!!

  16. It’s obvious why the Titans want a new stadium. Andrew Luck will forever be the permanent owner of Nissan Stadium and will hex them for eternity. They are trying to shake the curse.

  17. Time for the NFL to go International. How does “Slava Ukraini Titans!” sound?

  18. The cost benefit reality of owning a major league franchise.

  19. I’ve never been inside the Titans stadium but, I’ve stayed in a hotel room a few times overlooking the stadium right next to it and always thought it was borderline college material. Arrowhead 50+years old is nicer (been there many times) and they’re talking about building a new one…. smh. Granted, it’s not AT&T Dallas caliper (been there) but, nicer than the old Astrodome (been there) and the Titans. Take it lightly if you will but, a lot of Tennessee are chiefs, Steelers or Cleveland fans at heart.

  20. Funny TN is complaing about this and migth be worried about them leaving. They were the ones that lured Adams, it take stow to tango. TN built a cheap stadium to lure them an dnow its obsolete, ha. StL and TN, got into bed with cheap ass owners and lured teams. No sympathy for the devils. Move to San Antonio.

  21. The owners and the NFL need to start cost sharing any new stadiums or renovations. Too many tax payers already have a hard enough time simply making ends meet. The ultra wealthy owners and league that rakes in billions can fund their own construction.

  22. Don’t do it Nashville. Tell them to go kick rocks. No public money for the billionaire boys club and their sandboxes.

  23. The problem with handing the Titans $1.5 billion in taxpayer money for a new stadium in Nashville is that the city still owes about $32 million dollars on Nissan Stadium. They built a new AAA baseball stadium in Nashville in 2015, they have a 26 year old arena, the Bridgestone Arena where the NHL’s Predators play that will probably need to be replaced at some point soon, a soccer stadium (GEODIS Park) was just opened this year on the south side of the city, and Nashville tried to increase their property taxes by 34% in 2020, only to repeal that rate because property values are skyrocketing already.

    Nashville has already said no to a new tax for a football stadium. The Governor stepped in and said the state would help fund it, but I’m sure that went over really well in Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga, but mostly in Memphis where tax dollars are badly needed for schools and infrastructure, not a football stadium 200 miles away.

    Nashville will build the stadium though, they went so long without the NFL, they’re not going to give it up at this point, even if the Titans ARE second fiddle in the city to the Predators.

  24. Their stadium is 23 years old — if I was a Nashville and TN taxpayer I would not be happy.

  25. In other words they are getting a new stadium and the tax payers will pay for it like all the other ones in the NFL. The economy is struggling but ultra rich people don’t see it because it doesn’t affect them so they could care less. Let these guys pay for their ouwn toys.

  26. The Titans are run like a business and have never expressed genuine interest in being great at football. The AJ Brown trade is further proof of that. Ultimately their business model just keeps fans hoping and then crushes them every year because they aren’t willing to spend what they need to spend to actually compete. Been close to done with them for a long time. You can only get strung along before so long before you’re the dumb one.

  27. So the city invests $1.5 B and what do they get from the Titans? the city should get a piece of the team and share in the profits.

  28. Screw the Adams family and other owners with their publicly funded sports arenas

  29. The stadium is in the perfect place for Nashville. There is a walking bridge over the river to downtown. There is not another good location remotely close to downtown. With the success of the Draft in Nashville and it’s booming popularity the NFL will not want the Titans to leave. Nashville should call the owners bluff.

  30. 2.1 billion to “renovate” a stadium that opened in ’99. Mmmkay *wink wink*

  31. Who paid for SoFi Stadium?
    It was all privately funded by Rams owner Stan Kroenke. The Designbuild Network reported that the price tag makes it the most expensive stadium ever built, and by no small margin. It lists Allegiant Stadium, the recently built stadium for the Raiders in Las Vegas, as the second-most expensive at $1.9 billion. So let the billionaires pay for their own stadiums.

  32. I live in Nashville. They will inevitably cut off their nose to spite their face. It happens continually here.

  33. footballinla says:
    May 20, 2022 at 9:52 pm
    Funny TN is complaing about this and migth be worried about them leaving. They were the ones that lured Adams, it take stow to tango.

    It’s actually pretty well documented that Adams seeked out Nashville. The mayor initially hung up on Bud because he thought it was a prank call.

    Nashville didn’t steal the Oilers, Houston gave them away.

  34. Now days teams need a new stadium every 25 years. What a joke. What is wrong with the one you have? More luxury seating? Next time build your stadium with 100% luxury seating and pump in your crowd noise.

  35. Mu$icCityMiracle says:
    May 21, 2022 at 2:58 pm
    footballinla says:
    May 20, 2022 at 9:52 pm
    Funny TN is complaing about this and migth be worried about them leaving. They were the ones that lured Adams, it take stow to tango.

    It’s actually pretty well documented that Adams seeked out Nashville. The mayor initially hung up on Bud because he thought it was a prank call.

    Nashville didn’t steal the Oilers, Houston gave them away.
    Wrong buddy! They were the finalsits thta lost out to Jax and Carolina for expansion teams. StL/Baltimore.Tn all lost out, so they went team shopping. It’s okay, you guys got dupoed. Your gonna have to make a decision to keep them or watch them leave liek StL had too. Bad deals with bad owners.

  36. This is the current U.S.

    The rich expect to be bailed out by taxpayers when they lose.

    But when they win, the profit’s all mine.

  37. Can’t wait for the shovel to go into the ground for the new stadium. A new stadium will secure the Titan’s future in TN. Let’ get this thing done!!

  38. Isn’t it amazing how Nissan Stadium is that dilapidated in a relatively short period of time, and much older Lambeau Field keeps going strong? Maybe public ownership of teams really is the way to go.

  39. bourbonbarrel says:
    May 25, 2022 at 9:02 pm
    Isn’t it amazing how Nissan Stadium is that dilapidated in a relatively short period of time, and much older Lambeau Field keeps going strong? Maybe public ownership of teams really is the way to go.

    00Rate This


    Lambeau used to be a dump, many years ago. GB upgraded it gradually over the years, then figured out they could monetize their past success by turning it into football’s version of the Vatican. Now it’s a year round football tourist destination. Plus it helps that their season ticket waiting list is figuratively miles long, so that they can continue to raise prices and find fans to pay the freight. Not sure that would work in Nashville

  40. As part of a rural school district that is in the process of replacing a nearly 100 year old school building, our project is at a standstill because escalating material costs and availability has pushed the budget beyond our means. It sickens me to think investing in educational facilities is unattainable yet a billionaire owner that’s part of am eleven digit industry can demand a new stadium at the taxpayer’s expense. How is this right?

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