Report: NFL owners are “counting votes” toward a possible ouster of Daniel Snyder

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There’s plenty of smoke surrounding Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder. Even in the absence of the confirmed existence of an actual fire, the smoke is getting the attention of his partners.

As reported by Jarrett Bell of USA Today, one NFL owner said that the group is “counting votes” as to Snyder.

It would take 24 votes to get rid of him. Of course, that would be just the beginning, not the end. Snyder would surely fight hard to not be forced to sell his business. Although the various members of Club Oligarch accept the rules of life in the league, the antitrust violation that would come from 24 or more business owners forcing another business owner to sell his or her business is hiding in plain sight.

Still, the rest of the owners are moving toward their breaking point with Snyder.

This isn’t new. We’ve reported on multiple occasions that Snyder is on thin ice. During Super Bowl week, we confirmed past reporting from 106.7 The Fan in D.C. that, if the league had asked attorney Beth Wilkinson for a written recommendation at the conclusion of her 10-month investigation into chronic workplace misconduct in Washington, she would have recommended that Snyder be forced to sell.

The league retained Mary Jo White, not Wilkinson, to investigate more recent claims of misconduct made against Snyder by former Washington employee Tiffani Johnston. We reported on the day of Super Bowl LVI that, “As one ownership-level source recently put it, the Johnston allegations could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for the league, prompting Snyder’s partners to take steps to push him out.”

That was before the allegations of financial improprieties. Those allegations included a claim from a long-time employee that money was being kept from Snyder’s partners.

As we’ve said plenty of times here and particularly on PFT Live, Snyder has had so many issues and controversies and allegations that, regardless of the merits of each one, at some point the mere existence of the issues and controversies and allegations become enough to justify pushing him out. At least one owner seems to agree with that position.

“There’s growing frustration about the Washington situation and not over one issue, but over how much smoke there is,” an unnamed owner told Bell. “I think everybody’s getting tired of it.”

The people not involved in NFL ownership definitely are tired of it. The question is whether the owners are willing to hold Snyder to a standard that potentially could be applied to them in the future. That’s why he got a pass last year. That’s why the league didn’t ask for a written report from Wilkinson. If a report had been created, Snyder’s ongoing ownership of the team would have become untenable. And every other current and future owner would have had to worry about the possibility that claims made by disgruntled employees could trigger the same outcome for them.

Again, they weren’t protecting Snyder by brushing it all under the rug. They were protecting themselves.

It’s gotten to the point where they possibly aren’t worried about that. Where they perhaps realize that none of them has to be concerned about being held to the same standard, because none of them would ever be involved in so many controversies.

The financial irregularities become the potential icing on the toxic cake. A source told us after the news broke that, if Snyder was indeed picking the pockets of his partners, it would be his “death knell.”

Bell echoes that reality with this quote from an unnamed owner: “If that happened, I think that’s the nail in the coffin.”

Bell also reports that owners “vehemently raised” concerns about the lack of a written report during league meetings in March. Again, Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league, while directly helping Snyder, was doing the rest of them a favor by not creating a road map for regime change. However, that absence of transparency has hounded the league for months, culminating in a Congressional investigation.

The irony continues to be that the release of emails that brought down Raiders coach Jon Gruden triggered a delayed effort to push the NFL and the Commanders or more transparency. Without the Gruden hit job, Congress most likely never would have shown up.

Some think the Gruden emails were released not by the league office but by Snyder. Whoever did it, the universe of suspects is small. If it turns out that Snyder lit the fuse on the bomb that ultimately blows up in his face, he’ll get what he deserves. Then again, there’s a pretty good chance he deserves it anyway.

Throw in the fact that there is evidence that he’s not really serving a suspension when he’s supposed to be, and it’s very difficult to feel bad for Snyder about the direction in which this could be heading.

Fire or not, the smoke continues to billow. In 2007, Goodell beefed up the Personal Conduct Policy to justify punishment of players who simply found themselves in off-field entanglements, regardless of ultimate convictions or guilty pleas. If the league is inclined to apply the same standard to owners (and as made clear in Playmakers it isn’t), Snyder should already be long gone.

61 responses to “Report: NFL owners are “counting votes” toward a possible ouster of Daniel Snyder

  1. NFL is becoming a Lifetime Channel series. Not a mini-series, a decades long type series.

  2. They might get 2-4 votes, but not 24. I’d put the over/under at 2 1/2.

  3. Is it me or did the Richardson thing in Carolina not last this long…? What is the difference?

  4. Snyder is like the proverbial cat with nine lives and you better believe he will scratch, claw, and sue to protect every one of them. If the owners begin the removal process just sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch the fireworks. It will be epic on both sides.

  5. This is all because he withheld money from the other owners. Ross can throw games in Miami and will probably get a slap on the wrist….but steal from the owners, that’s a death sentence. Michael Corleone would have made a good NFL owner.

  6. If they force him to sell, I think the dirt he’ll sling back at the other owners will be worthy of a top best selling book..then movie..

  7. I enjoy watching football. Couldn’t care less who owns the teams. I just know every time a team is sold the price goes up . Eventually greed and egos will kill this sport and ruin it for everyone.

  8. Dan Snyder is a disgrace. Way worse than anything the former Panthers owner jerry richardson ever did

  9. Wait… he OWNES the team. So now you can vote out a millionaire because you don’t like what he is rumored to have done? I don’t think that is how owning something works.

  10. Well, when news came out of Snyder and Jones rightfully trying to get rid of Goodell but failing… you knew it was only a matter of time until Goodell tried to get rid of Snyder and/or Jones. Snyder is just the lower hanging fruit.

  11. “when news came out of Snyder and Jones rightfully trying to get rid of Goodell but failing… you knew it was only a matter of time until Goodell tried to get rid of Snyder and/or Jones. Snyder is just the lower hanging fruit”

    Jon Gruden was the warning to other owners who dare to challenge the league. Davis basically went at the Commish over the emails and said RELEASE ALL OF THEM – that’s why he, too will have to watch his back.

  12. Snyder owns what should be one of the most profitable teams in the league and he has ran into the ground over the past 2+ decades.

    Great fans having to go to a terrible stadium that is tough to get to in order to watch a subpar product equals poor attendance.

  13. My bet is most owners know Snyder will go scorched earth and unveil secrets related to tanking, Kaepernick, and other owner improprieties that this far haven’t left “fight club.”

  14. teflon Dan…I would be surprised other owners would forward a level of accountability that could be used on them someday

  15. With all the turmoil and controversy, I can’t understand why Snyder doesn’t just voluntarily sell the thing, take the resulting $4.5+ Billion, and enjoy the rest of his life without all this nonsense.

  16. Offer to sell for 30 billion Dan and see if you get it. If so , take the money and run like hell!!!

  17. If they wanted him gone, he’d be gone.


  18. Who do they target next…… the raiders? They have all sorts of front office problems. I have a suggestion. Thet them both keep what THEY OWN.

  19. If they’re voting on Snyder they should be required to vote on Jerry Jones too

  20. I think if Snyder goes down some other owners will be going down with him, just seems like that type of dude

  21. imsomeguy says:
    May 21, 2022 at 10:10 pm
    Wait… he OWNES the team. So now you can vote out a millionaire because you don’t like what he is rumored to have done? I don’t think that is how owning something works.

    Yeah, as an owner you have to follow the guidelines and bylaws of the NFL when you purchased the team. That’s the way it works in all major sports leagues.

  22. This Eagles fan never wants to see Snyder sell the tema. Snyder and Jerry Jones need to remain owners as long as they possibly can. Since 1996 their tams have a combined 6 playoff wins. The Jaguars have 7 since then lol.

  23. Pocketing $5 or $6 Billion would be a nice consolation prize if they make him sell out.

  24. Dan Snyder can “Command” a huge profit on the sale of the team, and leave the problems to the next guy. They need to clean house, they need to build a whole new stadium, and rebuild the brand from the ground up. Sooner or later, he’s gotta see he’s better off walking away and doing something less stressful and aggravating. Even if he turned everything in the right direction today, he’s going to fight against his NFL past forever. I’d take the profit from selling and do something else

  25. The thing is, all NFL owners are rich (except for maybe owners who derive their sole wealth from the team like the Raiders and Bengals, who are just wealthy). That means they really own the team for prestige and goodwill. Snyder doesn’t even have that — it’s exactly the opposite. He’s independently wealthy. Thus, there’s no real reason for him to own the team.

  26. Fair enough, if the NFL is really going to clean up its act then everyone must be subject to the same standards. Shabby behaviour gets the boot – kicked through the end zone and out of play – for good.

  27. Jerrah and ol Danny boy was secretly working together to oust the commish??? Does this have something to do with the combine 46 million dollars (Washington bill was 36 million)the NFL fined both Dallas and Washington for salary cap infractions years ago??? And in addition another 10 million dollars fine that Washington had to pay misconduct??? Mr Snyder how could you climb into bed with an owner,,,your most hated rival,,,a team that you that you have gone 12-28 against since you brought the team in 1999??? Now you and Jerrah are out here running around like y’all are Thelma and Louise working together on something as a long-term fan is difficult to fathom…
    That reason along with the many missteps that has occurred under your ownership… sell the team immediately!!!

  28. I dont care how many billions Snyder is worth, owning a NFL team is POWER! Pure swag! There are only 32 coveted spots and to have one is the coup de creme. Ask Jerry.

  29. The USFL arrived just in time to pick up the peices after the NFL self destructs Because it surely will and sooner rather than later.

  30. yolo2020 says:
    May 21, 2022 at 10:57 pm
    My bet is most owners know Snyder will go scorched earth and unveil secrets related to tanking, Kaepernick


    Kaep? What….that he can’t read an NFL defense? I think everyone already knows that

  31. Those billionaires don’t like negative attention.
    You start creating an ugly face on the league’s off field actions and getting in their pockets you better believe they will oust one of their own. Good riddance if so. What a horrific owner.

  32. If they’re successful at getting rid of Snyder, Mark Davis is next on the hot seat.

  33. I’m guessing the Nay votes will come from Jerruh Jones, Mark Davis, Haslam, Khan, Ross, Woody Johnson. All terrible owners and some are terrible people

  34. I believe Snyder is gone when I see it. Dude seems to have nine lives…..hmm maybe they are up.

  35. A lot is being said about who will be NEXT? Don’t you feel that if you ran your team above board and honestly you wouldn’t have to worry about it. I must ask why is Greed so much in demand of the owners? They are already rich beyond what a normal person has. Why make us pay the bill for them to get richer?

  36. You can get away with just about anything if you’re rich. But stealing from other rich guys isn’t one of them.

  37. Stu Bidaciou says:
    May 21, 2022 at 9:22 pm
    Is it me or did the Richardson thing in Carolina not last this long…? What is the difference?

    Richardson was happy to take his Billions and go retire. Snyder won’t be.

  38. The issue with at least 80% of the owners having many ghosts in the closets and different levels of corruption, once they vote one of their own out it will make it a lot easier to get rid of more for their past doings. This is why it has never been done (Richardson fell on his sword and voluntarily sold the team) before. Haslam, Wilfs, Jerry, Kraft, Silent Stan (and most likely his brother-in-law), Ross, son of Al, Woody, etc are going to be hard no’s.

  39. Best outcome would be for Snyder to sell before he starts building in Woodbridge and then ownership move the team back to Washington DC where it belongs. Congress despises Dan Snyder. New ownership = new opportunity for DC to get their football team back.

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