Charean Williams enters the Texas Sports Hall of Fame

Valero Texas Open - Round Two
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Thanks to Charean Williams, PFT has had a presence in the Pro Football Hall of Fame since 2018. Now, Charean has added a little extra legitimacy (or, as the case may be, erased a little more of the illegitimacy) to this operation via her induction into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.

On Saturday night, Charean entered the Texas Sports Hall of Fame as a member of a group of eight media members, including our good friend John McClain, who recently retired after nearly five decades with the Houston Chronicle.

Charean has become a key fixture here in recent years. She joined us after a long run covering the Cowboys for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. In addition to her daily posts and regular appearances on #PFTPM, she looks for any opportunity she can to remind me of the Hail Mary play (featuring uncalled pass interference) that vaulted the Cowboys to a 1975 playoff win over the Vikings. Actually, she just did it again yesterday.

Congratulations to Charean. We’re blessed to have her as part of the PFT team.

11 responses to “Charean Williams enters the Texas Sports Hall of Fame

  1. Love her, she is a great Football Writer and very knowledgeable. Congrats to Charean and the General, John McClain. 2 of the best!

  2. A trailblazer for women in sports reporting, who knows more than about football than any fan I’ve ever met …and more than a few of those high dollar commentators and sports announcers calling games today. Kudos Charean!

  3. What’s up with all the Charean haters? She has worked her buns off! Please do not dis-respect her because she was a Dallas writer for many years. Well-deserved Charean!!!!!

  4. Congratulations Charean! Well deserved and I enjoy when you are on with Florio. As for you bozo’s giving thumbs down, what’s wrong with you? Bunch’s tools….

  5. I remember during your days as a lawyer when you asked us, your reading/posting audience, if anyone wanted to be a writer (blogger) and send in a sample. Forgot who you hired. Or those videos that were in somebody’s mother’s basement.

    Those were the days. When 10 likes was a big deal. When waiting for you to get off work was a big deal.

    I’m guessing someone is a long way from a CB radio and whatever you called that Van you traveled in. FWIW, congrats to you, for making the big time. It still takes a village, though…

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