George Kittle is working on Josh Allen, Zach Wilson to attend Tight End University

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It’s hard to pull off Tight End University without a QB1 (or two) there to throw footballs. George Kittle and company have taken that into consideration for the second year of the tight end conclave.

Kittle told #PFTPM on Friday that a group of quarterbacks will be attending. Former 49ers Nick Mullens and C.J. Beathard will be there. Current 49ers quarterback Trey Lance is also making the trip.

Two others have not yet committed: Zach Wilson of the Jets and Josh Allen of the Bills.

‘You can help me peer pressure him,” Kittle said, “but Zach Wilson is at about 99 percent. He’s trying to decide if he wants to come back from Cabo or not. I was like, ‘Zach, you’re going to come back from Cabo,’ so if you want to help me influence him a little bit. Then the last one I’m working on, Josh Allen’s trying to see if he can make it work. Hopefully, we have a handful of awesome quarterbacks there who could also talk to us about running routes and what they see out there.”

Kittle agreed that Allen could play tight end if he wanted to. And he could. He’s doing just fine at his current position, however.

Tight End University happens in Nashville from June 22-24. Kittle, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, and former NFL tight end Greg Olsen established the event in 2021.

7 responses to “George Kittle is working on Josh Allen, Zach Wilson to attend Tight End University

  1. If Wilson has already booked flights & made hotel reservations, it seems kind of obnoxious to try and twist his arm and “shame” him into showing up. I assume Wilson probably wasn’t going to Cabo by himself. It’s probably not Zach who Kittle needs to convince to scuttle his vacation.
    I hope him and Wilson are really good friends.

  2. I like the tight end camp but Josh is in demand and has to prioritize his time.

  3. I’d rather see guys like C.J. Beathard and Nick Mullins participate in these workouts. The other young guns have a season of their own to prepare for, and Josh Allen has a legit shot at winning a super bowl.

  4. When you’ve been catching passes from jimmy g and potentially trey lance, catching them from Allen would be a dream come true, even if it’s not in real games

  5. George Kittle is working on Josh Allen, Zach Wilson to attend Tight End University
    It’s hard to pull of Tight End University with out a QB1 (or two) there to throw footballs.

    So Kittle think’s Wilson is a QB1, he still has a whole lot to learn about this game called football!

  6. Can you imagine if one them got hurt three weeks before training camp opened?

    Neither Allen or Wilson should do this. An injury is not impossible no matter how improbable it may be in this circumstance.

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