Jadeveon Clowney returns to the Browns

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Browns once again have three No. 1 overall picks under contract.

Per multiple reports, defensive end Jadeveon Clowney has agreed to terms with the Browns. It will be his second season in Cleveland.

Clowney, the first pick in 2014, joins Myles Garrett, the first pick in 2017, and Baker Mayfield, the first pick in 2018. Mayfield isn’t expected to be there when the season begins. At this point, it’s unclear whether they’ll trade him, release him, or keep him.

Appearing in 14 games last season for the Browns, Clowney had 9.0 sacks.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that it’s a one-year, $11 million deal. We’ll see whether the details match that amount; it’s possible some of the $11 million comes in the form of incentives.

9 responses to “Jadeveon Clowney returns to the Browns

  1. I was gonna say this guy is so overrated, but I didn’t realize he had 9 sacks in 14 games last year. Teams having to account for Garrett certainly helps him get his.

  2. bvolke says:
    May 22, 2022 at 3:03 pm
    Most overrated player in NFL history.

    If you’re still looking at him and comparing him to the #1 pick…then yes. That being said, those “level” of DE’s are now making in the mid-$20 million range, so getting him for $11 million for 1 year is a steal…..just compare him to the DE’s making more $$$ than him with long-term deals (Carl Lawson, Dee Ford, Leonard Williams, JJ Watt, John Franklin-Myers, etc…). This is nothing but upside for Cleveland and, if it does not work out, they’re still going to be about $20+ million under the cap for 2022 after June 1st.

  3. He signed because he knows that Watson didn’t do anything wrong and the man is going to sling the rock this year.

  4. A disgusting player who is never available for all games in a season and who is barely more than vaporware on the field. This fool is a member of the all-hype NFL team. Does nothing when on the roster other than to cash checks while not on the field.

  5. Sacks or no sacks he was probably our best run stopper last year. He’s very under rated in that regard

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