Are the NFL’s owners willing to fight Daniel Snyder?

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Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder can be called many things. Litigious is one of them.

If his partners are planning to try to get rid of him, they need to be ready for Snyder to fight back.

How would he do it? Any way he can, possibly. That’s not a criticism. It’s a fact. He has a track record of aggressively utilizing the court system to advance his business and/or personal objectives. He has every right to do it.

If the owners are thinking about trying to exercise their perceived right to force him out, he’ll surely exercise his perceived right to fight back.

The NFL’s Constitution & Bylaws contain a procedure for forcing out an owner due to conduct detrimental to the welfare of the NFL or professional football. The Commissioner has the authority, if he decides that the maximum available fine of $500,000 is not adequate or sufficient, to refer the matter to the NFL’s Executive Committee, which has the power to mandate “cancellation or forfeiture of the franchise in the League of any member club involved or implicated.”

Snyder surely wouldn’t accept any such outcome. He’d undoubtedly fight it every step of the way. He’d have the ability to do that, if he wanted to.

The NFL didn’t have to deal with such ugliness when Panthers owner Jerry Richardson sold the team after an NDA controversy emerged in late 2017, because Richardson willingly walked away. Snyder likely wouldn’t go quietly, or easily.

Beyond the various legal fights that Snyder could wage, what about the things he knows about his partners? Would he go scorched earth when it comes to airing out the league’s dirty laundry?

These are fair considerations. They are reasons for the NFL to treat lightly. To think carefully. To perhaps look for a way to resolve the situation amicably.

It’s believed Snyder is determined to give the team to his children. If so, how about a deal that entails Snyder walking away, his wife taking over, and his kids eventually getting the reins?

That would be far better than a protracted legal battle. It would be far better than Snyder retaliating by creating chaos. And while it may be better for the team’s fans to extricate all Snyder DNA from the Commanders, they may have to settle for Snyder’s wife now and kids later in order to get rid of Snyder himself.

19 responses to “Are the NFL’s owners willing to fight Daniel Snyder?

  1. It doesn’t matter whose name comes before Snyder. As long as any Snyder owns the team, Dan is involved, period.

  2. So many rich jerks in this Country get away with ANYTHING, by using the threat of litigation. Grow a pair, NFL. Fear of your weakest link takes all 32 teams to the lowest common denominator. You can continue to duck and cover, but once the flashlight has illuminated the scope of the problem it’s time for corrective surgery.

  3. This is like when there was that kid in school who was a real jerk and no one liked him but your mom made you play with him anyway.

  4. With Snyder, the worst possible outcome is always a reasonable expectation.

  5. It’s his right to fight if the others come after him. And I am sure he has something on just about every owner out there. Those who go after him, better be prepared for the backlash that could put them in the same spot he is in.

  6. Snyder would win.
    I’m sure he knows a lot of secrets the owners don’t want exposed.

  7. The only way the owners vote him out is if they know for sure there is not dirt on any other owner. If they vote him out, it could result in a ton of back and fourth should there be issues around the leagues club houses.

  8. Based on the ramifications, as explained in the article, the NFL will huff and puff and end up doing nothing

  9. Iv seen nothing as of yet that would warrant Mr Snyder losing his team. Neither have any of you.

  10. Snyder probably knows where a lot of skeletons are buried. Otherwise he’d have been gone long ago.

  11. I mean c’mon – cooking the books on the league and the rest of the owners – my god – how can they keep him? if they do what’s going to stop anyone else from doing it? Or are they all doing it then?

  12. The easiest way to get rid of Snyder is finding someone to buy the team at a high price. Unfortunately the teams value has been driven to the dirt, after the last two name changes.

  13. Force him to sell otherwise this will only get worse. He will release whatever dirt he has anonymously regardless, as he already has and surely will again

  14. While he seems to be a jerk in general I find it funny how some people just hate someone because they are rich or more successful than they are.

  15. There comes.a time when an organization either has integrity or it doesn’t. Net net that is the NFL’s issue. The guy is a highly leveraged clown. The only reason he owns the team is the NFL punted two guys just like him, the Millstein brothers who originally brought him to the table.

    Eventually his will be punted. There isn’t going to be a new stadium with his family owning the team. The politicians won’t take the heat.

    They key issue will be the vote count — and the collateral damage. Sometimes when you have cancer you have to cut out surrounding tissue to save the patient — so be it. He needs to go or the league is going to get hurt. Too many pressure points from too many directions.

  16. It seems to me, that if it is true that he cheated the other owners, any decision to expel him should be centered on that one issue. I fail to see how Mr. Snyder could prevail in any court fight if this can be proven. But if the issues is muddied with an asundry of other issues, then his chances of fighting it improves. Keep it simple.

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