Broncos are building offense “completely around” Russell Wilson

Broncos hold early season practice session at Dove Valley
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The core of the friction between the Seahawks and Russell Wilson was simple. They didn’t let Russ cook.

More specifically, the offense didn’t run through Wilson. The offense wasn’t built around him. Coach Pete Carroll wanted to win with suffocating defense and a ground-and-pound running game. Wilson’s skills became more necessity (especially when the Seahawks were trailing in the second half) than luxury.

In Denver, Wilson finally gets his wish. He’ll be the centerpiece of the attack, the same way Patrick Mahomes is in Kansas City, Josh Allen is in Buffalo, and Aaron Rodgers is in Green Bay, just to name a few.

On Monday, the first day of Denver OTAs, new head coach Nathaniel Hackett explained to reporters the process of making Wilson fit the offense. Or, more accurately, of making the offense fit Wilson.

“We want to build this thing completely around him and make sure that he’s comfortable and watch him come alive,” Hackett said. “I think he did some awesome things today utilizing his athleticism, and at the same time, being just a pure drop-back passer. I think there were a lot of good things. We just have to keep developing that– the integration of the system, his feel with the rest of the team and how he is with the other guys — the wide receivers, tight ends — and getting those guys all on the same page.”

The best news is that Wilson seems to be completely beyond last year’s finger injury.

“[When] he throws the ball, it’s beautiful,” Hackett said. “He’s what we call a natural thrower. The guy just can spin it. Then watching him today make some of the plays he did with his feet and dodging and moving, it was like me when I was in flag football back when I was younger. He’s doing great, and we’re excited to see him just keep owning that system.”

That’s the key. Wilson now owns the system; the system no longer owns him. It will be very interesting to see how that affects Wilson’s performance in 2022.

52 responses to “Broncos are building offense “completely around” Russell Wilson

  1. Bill Belichick was asked about building the offense around Mac Jones. “We gave some thought to building our offense around Mac’s skills… But we really couldn’t identify any particular things that he’s good at, so we scrapped the whole idea entirely.”

  2. I’d start fitting the Broncos for their 4th Super Bowl ring now. No logical reason to procrastinate this far into 2022 season.

  3. So it’s going to be Seattles offense 2.0? Look Seattle did everything right by Wilson aside from putting together a top 10 offensive line for him. They failed in that aspect, yet tried. They got him weapons. They drafted RBs. Even with Denver, Wilson may never get back to the promised land. He landed in an arguably more competitive division. It’s not gonna be easy. I think we’ll find out pretty fast if Russ can actually cook or if having a stellar defense and running game were the keys to his success.

  4. Can he throw – yes. Is he a leader – yes. Will he locate a wide open receiver on opposite side of the line – no.

    Wilson is great but his strengths are well-known and now limited. Some of his great plays were due to scrambling. That is now diminished and most defenses now know how to play against this. Add that to the toughest division in the NFL and he will most likely miss the playoffs. He is however, a great man who deserves the best.

  5. The epic fail of the Broncos this year and the subsequent media meltdown will be fabulous to watch.

  6. There have been two well known coaches who did not fully buy into Wilson. He won a Super Bowl for one of them, the other (Tom O’Brien) was put out to pasture.

    Do bet against that man.

  7. If they’re building it around what Wilson does well, don’t be surprised if it looks a lot like the Seattle offense…

  8. Oh my. Be sure to save this story to revisit it three years from now — when the Broncos will be searching for a new GM, a new coach, and of course a new quarterback…

  9. Is this really a surprise? I mean who else were they considering to build it around?

  10. Excited to see the Broncos spread it all over the field. Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon did well with no QB threat. They should really thrive with a true playmaker taking snaps. The Broncos got blanked in Pro Bowl voting last year. That will change this year.

  11. Aaron Rogers? The same guy who’s team forgets the offense exists in the first round of every draft unless they try to draft his replacement?

  12. Any coach who doesn’t build the offense around QB1’s talent is negligent and incompetent. Go Broncos!

  13. Wilson thinks he’s smarter than everyone.
    He tore it up two seasons for the first 6 or 7 weeks ago when PC and Schottenheimer gave him some control of offense.

    When teams in the last half of the season adjusted, Wilson didn’t have an answer, and threw Schottenheimer under the bus. Last year Sea hires a patsy OC to do what Wilson wanted and results speak for themselves.

    He doesnt run very much, he had Lynch for all of the team success years. He doesn’t really use WR except for bombs over the top, and becuase he takes so long to go through reads, the tight end is the critical spot.

  14. What else can they possibly do. He has to have an excellent defense so there is less time on offense. He’s too short to see over the lineman for short routes that’s why most of his passes took 5 to 8 seconds to develop. He rarely ever threw short passes over the middle. Quite often DK Metcalf did not have a reception until late in the third quarter. With the Denver offensive line they need to protect him make him stay in the pocket step up and throw short quick routes.

  15. Amazing how much butt kissing these “franchise QBs” need. How fragile is their egos? I remember when football players were tough, and not hiding out in their safe space avoiding micro-aggressions.

  16. It is kind of amazing that the Seahawks couldn’t build the offense to suit the QB. Hackett was a terrible OC in Buffalo but then he never had a QB like Wilson to make him look good.

  17. Name a team in todays NFL who isn’t building their offense around their QB and I will show you a losing team.

  18. As Broncos fan, Russ need to release damn ball than running around dancing, that what he did to Seahawks. He always want everybody to look at him(LOOK AT ME BLAH-BLAH-BLAH).

  19. Although i like Wilson and think he is a great quarterback, whenever the Seahawks leaned on him they usually fell short.

  20. Carroll should have been fired years ago for failing to properly use this future Hall of Fame. He is not a smart man. See SB at goal line.

  21. Broncos have the best defense in the division, rivaled by the Chargers. This division is going to be fun to watch. The Raiders will be lucky to be 1-5 in the division, they’re easily the worst team lacking personal from top to bottom.

    Chiefs 13-4
    Chargers 12-5
    Broncos 10-7
    Raiders 3-14

  22. mlhigh77 says:
    May 24, 2022 at 8:54 am
    Carroll should have been fired years ago for failing to properly use this future Hall of Fame. He is not a smart man. See SB at goal line.
    You might not want to get your cart before the horse…….

  23. An offense where the QB holds the ball running in circles looking to throw “moon balls.” Good luck with that, don’t bother with the middle of the field.

  24. Carroll should have been fired years ago for failing to properly use this future Hall of Fame. He is not a smart man. See SB at goal line.

    It’s not Carroll fault. he’s more defense guy that won Super Bowl not Russell. Russell is the one that screw-up 2nd SB cause he didn’t want Marshawn Lynch get MVP.

  25. 2 good years and 1 SB doe snot make a great qb, and those 2 years they had beast mode and amazing defense so there was not too much weight on his shoulders other then not making mistakes. back then he was young enough to run around and make plays, but once the other teams figured him out it was all downhill from there and the whining started. he never rose to the occasion and took a game over like rodgers, mahomes, elway, etc.

    denver made a mistake but i guess they needed to sell tickets and have a marquee name at qb in order to get the most money for the team, all the denver front office was worried about was having a big name qb for the next owners cause they didnt want to be in the same situation as the panthers where they had a new owner and no qb. having wilson deinitely makes a potential buyer feel better i am guessing, but they will still be #3 in the division.

    also, all this drama with wilson the oast few years makes me think of kyler murray, basically a wilson clone of a qb, but starting the drama and diva behavior much earlier.

  26. I’ve seen Russ cook. Tasted like Spam. Broncos stepping up for seconds. Good luck with that.

  27. He’ll find he had it easier in the NFC West as opposed to the AFC West. His former division was very much up for grabs year in and out with every team there (despite the rams winning it all). We all know KC has owned the division, and the raiders as of late have been a consistently better team (time will tell if McDaniels can keep this going). The chargers only real weak point is that Staley is his own worst enemy more than anyone.

  28. News flash to Lock lovers. He isn’t good beat out Geno Smith who will be your starter.

  29. jjcorktard says:
    May 24, 2022 at 9:37 am
    Broncos have the best defense in the division, rivaled by the Chargers. This division is going to be fun to watch. The Raiders will be lucky to be 1-5 in the division, they’re easily the worst team lacking personal from top to bottom.


    First, I have never cared for the Raiders. I think Carr is under rated and Gruden was a big mistake but if you think that team is not going to surprise people this year then you are mistaken. Chiefs are going to decline. Chargers or Raiders will win this division. Broncos will be fighting the Chiefs for last place.

  30. Seattle was at its best when the ran the ball and put no pressure on Russ to perform and why they won the Superbowl (they lost the next because Russ insisted on doing more). By Russ’s demands they changed to do what he wanted and Russ failed he simply cannot read the field and get the ball out in a few seconds he has to scramble (getting many unnecessary holding penalties for the O-line) than lob the ball deep with the ability of Lockett or Metcalf to run and catch it; the actual designed offense (a few OC’s got thrown well under the bus) rarely worked because of Russ’s shortcomings and now he is declining as a runner/scrambler.

  31. The Raiders have no talent compared to the other teams in that division. Derek Carr is not Aaron Rodgers and Maxx Crosby is not Khalil Mack. The Adams trade was worse than the Mack trade. The Raiders had no draft picks on top of their already severely lacking talent roster already.

    Raiders will be a 5 win team, maybe 6.

  32. Remember let Russ Cook?

    He was good until teams figured out that a cover 2 is all you need against him.

    Hopefully Denver runs it 35-40 times

  33. Say whatever you want about who wins the AFCW, but the 4 AFCW teams will each have at least 6 playoff-quality games under their belt as we approach the playoffs themselves.

  34. mlhigh77 says:
    May 24, 2022 at 11:32 am
    News flash to Lock lovers. He isn’t good beat out Geno Smith who will be your starter.
    News Flash to Wilson Lovers. He isn’t good enough to beat any of the three other starting QB’s in the AFC West…

  35. Seahawks “let Russ cook” but defenses found out he wouldn’t (couldn’t?) throw short over the middle so they played two deep safeties and he withered.

    Don’t know if it’s height or if it’s a hero thing but until Russ is willing to take what the D gives him he’ll be no better at Denver.

  36. mlhigh77 says:
    May 24, 2022 at 11:32 am
    News flash to Lock lovers. He isn’t good beat out Geno Smith who will be your starter.

    Here’s what many don’t get…

    Either Lock surprises everyone and is good or the Hawks have very high picks (two in the first round) and get a franchise QB in one of the best QB drafts in some time.

    One down year to start another run with a great QB on a rookie contract.

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