CeeDee Lamb sued by trading card firm for breach of contract

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A trading card company is suing Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb for breach of contract, Mike Fisher of SI.com reports.

Leaf Trading Cards accuses Lamb of failing to fulfill an agreement to autograph cards for the company. The Dallas-based company filed suit in Denton County, Texas.

Leaf CEO Brian Gray shared a statement on Twitter.

“Leaf has filed the first ever lawsuit against an athlete in order to compel the completion of an autograph contract so customers holding redemptions are not forced to take replacements,” Gray wrote. “We hate doing this, but customers need defending here.”

Lamb apparently signed some items but not enough to fulfill the contract after the Cowboys made Lamb the 17th overall choice in 2020.

The company is seeking damages and attorney fees.

In the filing, Leaf asks the court to serve Lamb with the suit at his home or the Cowboys’ offices in Frisco, where Lamb is expected to take part in organized team activities this week.

10 responses to “CeeDee Lamb sued by trading card firm for breach of contract

  1. This dude had questionable character written all over him before the draft, during the draft and after the draft. It only was proven when the Cowboys drafted him. And now it’s further proven bc guy can’t even sign his name to some paper. I hope they sue him for twice what they gave him.

  2. I’m a sports memorabilia dealer with intimate knowledge on this process (my buddy was Duke Johnson’s autograph agent in 2015). This is almost the easiest money in the world to make. It’s about 3-4 hours of work for $25,000 (or more). The fact that Lamb couldn’t even do that speaks VOLUMES about who this guy is.

  3. Man can people not do the most simple things anymore. Lamb took the endorsement money but I guess it’s too much of an effort to spend a couple hours signing in the off-season.

  4. What a tool.

    Absolutely have to believe the company did not want this type of publicity but had no other choice.

    And they are Dallas based? Come on Ceedee, have a clue.

  5. Cowboys fans should also file a lawsuit against CeeDee for failing to live up to greatness claims he made leading up to the draft.

  6. As previously noted, this is absolutely the easiest money an athlete can make.
    Did he get hand cramps or something?

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