Is this Miles Sanders’ breakout season?

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The Eagles didn’t add a running back in free agency or in the draft, leaving Miles Sanders as RB1. Sanders enters his third season in that role but still has a lot to prove as he heads into a contract year.

Sanders has not played every game in a season since his rookie season. He has never had even 900 yards rushing in a season and never more than six touchdowns in a season. Sanders had no touchdowns in 2021.

How he fares this season will determine his future.

“(My) mentality is a little different,” Sanders said of his offseason, via Zach Berman of “It’s taking it a little personal, just the year I had last year. I was nowhere near as satisfied with where I played or my availability. So all that stuff means a lot to me. Being the top guy in the running back room, I’ve got to hold the standard. . . . That’s being healthy and being able to produce.”

Sanders did average a career-best 5.5 yards per carry last season and 5.1-yard career average. But he has much work to do to join the conversation as one of the best backs in the NFL worthy of a second contract from the team that drafted him in the second round.

“Some stuff I can improve on and with injuries, as simple as that,” Sanders said. “I didn’t catch the ball as well as I should have, made the wrong reads sometimes. (I can) just try to be a better player all over and more consistent.”

The Eagles don’t have anyone to challenge Sanders for the starting role, with Kenny Gainwell and Boston Scott the backups. They signed Oklahoma’s Kennedy Brooks as an undrafted rookie.

Sanders, 25, continues to insist he’s not worried about his contract. He’s right: The contract will take care of itself as this season will go a long way in determining his worth in free agency.

9 responses to “Is this Miles Sanders’ breakout season?

  1. Naw, sanders is the clear #1. I’m not saying he’s a beast but he’s the top running back to carry the load. He had a bad year last season with 0 scores but still averages 5.5 per carry and was the workhorse out of the rbs. Gainwell will have more touches than Scott will this season, barring injury, of course.

  2. veteran RBs don’t have breakout seasons. They have it from day 1 or they don’t

  3. Dude stinks. Could’ve gotten a much more productive back a lot later than the second round where they drafted this bust.

  4. The best running back on the Eagles is Jalen Hurts, and that needs to change!

  5. This isn’t Miles’s breakout season; it’s his make or break season. If he doesn’t put up this year, and he continues to show bad hands, then he can pack his bags.

    Expect Kenneth Gainwell to get the ball a lot more than he did last year. He’s the coach’s boy, and he flashed quite a bit of potential last year.

  6. Boston Scott is their best RB and it’s not even close

    You and I are the only ones who can see this.

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