Justin Hollins “very confident” Rams will be fine without Von Miller

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The Rams made several splashy moves last year en route to winning a Super Bowl, including an in-season trade with the Broncos that brought Von Miller to Los Angeles.

Miller posted five sacks in the regular season and four more in the postseason to provide exactly the kind of impact off the edge that the Rams were hoping to add with the trade. He won’t be providing it this year, however.

The Bills signed Miller as a free agent and Ogbonnia Okoronkwo also left as a free agent. The Rams did not make any significant additions to the edge of their defense, which leaves it to the likes of Justin Hollins, Terrell Lewis, and Chris Garrett to work with Leonard Floyd in that spot. Hollins is pencilled into the top spot on the depth chart right now and said he’s “very confident” that the defense will be in good shape without Miller.

“I think we’ll be just fine,” Hollins said, via Kevin Modesti of the Orange County Register. “I don’t think we need to go find anybody new, nothing like that. It would be kind of crazy if I said we did, anyway. We were fine before, so we’ll be good.”

Garrett barely played last season while Hollins and Lewis combined for 44 tackles, five sacks, and two forced fumbles. The Rams will need more out of the group for Hollins to be proven correct about the state of the unit.

3 responses to “Justin Hollins “very confident” Rams will be fine without Von Miller

  1. If opposing teams can actually hold onto all of Stafford’s interceptions this season (Niners…) the Rams will finish right where they should. We’ll see how it goes.

  2. Miller was just the last guy to benefit from the AD effect. Glad he was here, but we’re not gonna miss a beat with Bwags in the lineup.

  3. In the 2020 season without Von Miller the rams led the league in sacks with 53. 2021 with Miller for half of the season they were third in sacks with 50. As long as AD is there we’ll get our sacks

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