Mac Jones is in best shape of his life after changing his diet this offseason

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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Going into his second season, Mac Jones looks different.

The quarterback has slimmed down, having worked with Patriots strength and conditioning coach Moses Cabrera this offseason to reshape his body.

“He’s in the best shape of his life,” receiver Kendrick Bourne said Monday, via Zack Cox of “I think he’s been here all offseason with Moses, so he looks really good. His stomach is gone, and he looks really good.”

Jones gave credit to Cabrera as well as to team nutritionist Ted Harper. Jones has eliminated unhealthy foods from his diet.

“I’ve learned more this offseason than I probably ever have about nutrition, sleep, wellness, all that stuff,” Jones said. “So I’m taking what I learned that I feel will help me and apply it, and then obviously listening to Ted and everybody, just following their plan, eating healthy, taking out a lot of the things that are bad for my diet.

“But at the same time, I need to maintain my weight and be able to take hits, so there’s a fine balance for every player. . . . For me, I’ve definitely trimmed down on the body fat a little bit, and then I’ll get a chance to bulk back up before the season starts and be able to absorb the hits.”

16 responses to “Mac Jones is in best shape of his life after changing his diet this offseason

  1. Nice.

    He’s already light years ahead of pudgy Josh Allen and Mac Jones is vaccinated, too, unlike the selfish Wyoming grad.

  2. I said the same thing to my wife yesterday. She’s still laughing.

  3. He better be. He is going to get the biggest beatdown of any QB in AFCEast. He’ll need to be in great shape to stay off the IR by the time the other AFC East teams get done with him.

  4. Can you even compare this fraudulent Bama creation to Josh Allen, in the first place? Allen is tough and fast and has a howitzer of an arm. Jones is slow and weak armed. Plus, if this kid has to watch his diet at 23, he’s gonna look like Sonny Jurgenson by the time he is 28.

  5. Yup the Tommy fan club getting all shook now hearing news like this lolol

    They want Jones to fail and therefore Belichick fired because he had the nerve to give poor little weakling-arm Tommy the sads 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. 40 yard dash at NFL combine

    Josh Allen – 4.76 seconds
    Mac Jones – 4.68 seconds

    Rookie year stats

    Josh Allen – 52.8% cmp, 2,074 yds, 10/12 TD/INT, 67.9 passer rating
    Mac Jones – 67.6% cmp, 3,801 yds, 22/13 TD/INT, 92.5 passer rating

  7. Boy oh boy, do the Pats fans have a REALLY short memory: Josh Allen 21-25 308 yds Five TDs – in a row. 47 effortless points. I’ve been watching NFL for 50 yrs. Never saw a QB absolutely so complete de-pants a defense so thoroughly in a playoff game. Good luck w/ Mac Average the next 10 yrs.

  8. I could say the same for Bill’s fans you seem to forget you won absolute nothing last year but keep pounding you’re chest like you have 6 sb wins hilarious!

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