Report: Commanders spent $100 million on land in Virginia where new stadium may be built

Washington Football Team Announces Name Change to Washington Commanders
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The Washington Commanders have reportedly finalized a $100 million purchase on a plot of land in Virginia that could be the site of their next stadium.

The deal for 200 acres in Prince William County was completed late last week, according to John Keim of ESPN.

The Commanders reportedly plan to build a 60,000-seat stadium with a roof as well as a new practice facility, and venues for live music, shopping, bars and restaurants.

Despite the land purchase, nothing will be finalized until the Commanders negotiate with government leaders to see how much taxpayer money they’re willing to pour into a new stadium. The Commanders could still choose to move to another venue, with both Maryland and the District of Columbia potential options in addition to Virginia.

Also unclear is whether Dan Snyder will still own the Commanders by the time they move into a new stadium. There’s increasing talk that some of Snyder’s fellow owners are looking to kick him out of their exclusive club.

The Commanders’ lease at FedEx Field, where they’ve played since 1997, runs through the 2026 season.

10 responses to “Report: Commanders spent $100 million on land in Virginia where new stadium may be built

  1. Is the spot of land located where the new ownership will want to have the team?

  2. We’d be back in D.C. or at least somewhere in the metro area if this disaster wasn’t still the owner! I have no more interest in driving to Prince William County than I do Landover, MD!

  3. FedEx Field is a nightmare to get in and out of itself, but off I-95 in Prince William County could be even worse. No Metro access and I-95/local traffic gridlock. Insufficient infrastructure is an understatement.

  4. Here’s the offer: Not a single cent of taxpayer money for multi billionaires of multi billion dollar teams in a league worth tens of billions

  5. The Commanders need a new stadium bigtime!! Nice to see the first step take place. Please get a stadium deal done!!

  6. Snyder isn’t going anywhere. Good for them going to Va. Politicians in DC are too meddling for them to go back to the old RFK site.

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