Russell Wilson plans to be “non-emotional” playing Seahawks in Week One

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Russell Wilson will be back in familiar surroundings to start the upcoming season, as the Broncos will open their slate against the Seahawks on Sept. 12.

Having played 10 seasons for Seattle, it would be understandable if Wilson had some mixed feelings about playing the first game of 2022 at Lumen Field. But when asked about it on Monday after Denver’s first OTA practice of the spring, Wilson said he was going to approach Week One the same as he would any other.

“I think it’s going to be an exciting time,” Wilson said during his press conference. “Obviously, Seattle’s meant the world to me over the past 10 years. It’s a special place, special place to play, Lumen Field. I have a high regard for all those guys over there and what they do. I think for me, it’s non-emotional, though — it’s got to be non-emotional. You’ve got to be able to go into it with an understanding that it’s just ball. And also understand that there’s been amazing times. There’s been a lot of touchdowns there, won a lot of games there. So I had a great experience.

“It’ll always be a special place in my heart forever. So for me, it’s about going up there and trying to play the best football for our football team here and try to go win.”

Wilson later added that he’s always tried to play neutral in order to be a steadying force when things can go wrong over the course of a game.

“I think that for me, obviously, I think the biggest thing is trying to do what you always do,” Wilson said. “And I’ve done it for a long time — I’ve played a lot of football. So for me, just focus on the fundamentals, focus on the midst of the game, focus on the joy, focus on that person that’s in the stands, that young boy or young girl that’s in the 300 seats up top in the top-left corner. And just throw the ball, make plays, score touchdowns.”

23 responses to “Russell Wilson plans to be “non-emotional” playing Seahawks in Week One

  1. Wilson will be exposed by the Coach that knows him best. Bet on Seattle and the Under in this Week 1 matchup.

  2. Technically he pushed his way out so the animosity is really on their end, not his.

  3. I used to travel to Denver a lot and always enjoyed talking football with their fans. But I think this trade is a disaster! Seattle fleeced them! I know Wilson’s great at hero ball, but without the great defenses and running game Pete Carrol had in Seattle, I don’t think he’d have ever gotten near a Super Bowl and I don’t see it happening in Denver by a mile (no pun intended!)

  4. A lot of hype around the Broncos and not exactly sure why. New QB, a lot of new pieces and a new coaching staff. Broncos fans are fooling themselves if they think they were just Russell Wilson away from contenders

  5. Seattle is doing that tanking thing this year. So Denver will have some tough games, but this better not be one of them.

  6. rockczar says:
    May 23, 2022 at 6:57 pm
    So much shade from hawks fans. Have fun with Drew Lock

    Hawks will run the ball. Last season Penny led the league in YPC by a lot.

    If Lock can complement that, great. If not Hawks will have two firsts with one of the best QB classes in some time.

  7. Seattle let Russ go, because they knew his best years are already behind him, case in point, he stunk last season!

  8. Very very good player but as soon as his big deal kicked in, Seahawks never able to put it together and make any sort of run in the playoffs because he took too many resources up.

    The last few years of him insisting to run the offense and play GM doesn’t fly on too many teams.

  9. It might take a season or two but Denver will soon realize Wilson wasn’t worth the assets they gave up to get him. If they were smart they will part with him before he starts to nag about an extension.

  10. I’m taking the Seahawks and the points on this one.

    RW couldn’t stay calm for an in-season game vs the Niners / he’s going to implode playing the Hawks.

    GoHawks all day long.

  11. well 3 picks in it will be emotional..I hope he plays well and is able to show seattle the love and he gets it in return.. but unemotional come on russ thats BS

  12. Wilson is definitely an upgrade at Qb for Denver though I don’t see Denver being a player away from a division winner. Seattle is in for a rough go in ‘22

  13. People will get carried away with the meaning of this game before and after it is played. But it will mean more if Seattle somehow manages to beat Denver. They’re in re-build mode. Denver, on the other hand, is expected to win now.

  14. Why would he be anything BUT non-emotional…HE forced the trade OUT of Seattle!!…..smh

    Now Russ is a “Victim” even though HE was the one Forcing the Trade…….

    Go Hawks!

  15. Being a Seahawks’ fan since the very beginning, I had seen many seasons with sub-par Quarterbacks, and will always have a soft spot for Russ.

    But, Russ has sure changed from his early days of being a “Complete Team Player” and a part of a very Good Team that won the Seahawks’ First Lombardi.

    Now EVERYTHING has to be about Russ. He is still a very Good Quarterback, and we will see just how productive Denver’s Offense will be with EVERYTHING running thru Russ….

    Go Hawks!

  16. Won a Super Bowl, played on the best teams in franchise history, unquestionably the best QB in Seahawks history.

    Every other team, every other city, he would be universally beloved. In Seattle, he’s not.

    One of the most bizarre cases I’ve seen in 35 years as a fan of most every sport.

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