Alex Cappa sidelined with a core muscle injury


The Bengals made upgrading their offensive line a central part of their offseason plans and signing guard Alex Cappa was one result of those efforts.

Cappa is set to be on the right side of the line in the fall, but the Bengals are going to have to make do without him on the practice field for the near future. Head coach Zac Taylor said that Cappa is dealing with an injury.

“He’s getting evaluated for a core-muscle deal,” Taylor said, via Russ Heltman of “It’s gonna keep him out a couple weeks, but nothing overly concerning.”

The Bengals need Cappa healthy in September more than they need him available in May or June, so it wouldn’t come as a great shock if he spends the rest of the offseason program doing nothing more than recovering from his injury.

3 responses to “Alex Cappa sidelined with a core muscle injury

  1. The Bengals is the Bengals. Smart money says they’ll falter this year. Won’t even sniff the playoffs. All their players running their mouths, and they haven’t won jack squat. Let’s see if they can put together back to back winning seasons….for once.

  2. Hopefully they bring in another veteran guard to compete in camp. This injury puts Adenejii back in the starting five… which is not a good thing. He got walked through consistently last year.

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