Ashey Solis: Deshaun Watson’s contract was “just like a big screw you”

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Multiple NFL owners weren’t the only ones not thrilled with the $230 million, fully-guaranteed contract that the Browns gave to quarterback Deshaun Watson. Two of the persons accusing Watson of sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions object to it as well.

“It’s just like a big screw you,” plaintiff Ashley Solis tells Soledad O’Brien in an item that debuts tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. “That’s what it feels like. That we don’t care. He can run and throw, and that’s what we care about.”

Added plaintiff Kyla Hayes: “It was sick to me. . . . I felt like he’s being rewarded for bad behavior.”

Their lawyer, Tony Buzbee, chimed in as well.

“I don’t think the team cares about what Deshaun Watson may have done in a massage session,” Buzbee said. “And based on my personal experience with the NFL, I don’t think they care either.”

The former, frankly, seems to be accurate based on the comments made by G.M. Andrew Berry at Watson’s introductory press conference. The latter remains to be seen, sooner than later.

17 responses to “Ashey Solis: Deshaun Watson’s contract was “just like a big screw you”

  1. Of course it is. He used much of the money to make a lot of people in the legal system very wealthy.

  2. Browns are always brownin’ This whole thing will go down just like that grease fire on the Cuyahoga river. Lol

  3. And if he couldn’t run and throw or we didn’t care about it, there wouldn’t be a big pile of money there for your lawyer to try to get his hands on.

  4. She should be happy he got that contract. All that guaranteed money means more for her and his other accusers.

  5. My question to Ashey would be why didn’t you call the police? You could have saved some other innocent victim from going through the same thing. Certainly, that would have been the decent thing to do. Wouldn’t you want to be notified if a sexual predator was frequenting your industry? And why haven’t criminal charges been filed? They say we have the best legal system in the world. If our legal system is the best in the world, and you’re being honest, wouldn’t you think you’d get an easy win in court? I’m not talking about getting rewarded financially. I’m talking about helping to get a bad guy off the streets, so others like yourself will be safer.

  6. The difference in proving “beyond a reasonable doubt” in a criminal trial and the “preponderance of the evidence” in a civil trial is huge. You can most likely be guilty, but not so certainly so that we meet the standard for a criminal conviction and jail. I feel like commenters here often confuse not being charged with a crime with being innocent. They are unrelated. Not being charged means they the DA didn’t feel they had enough evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. It absolutely has no bearing on Watson’s actual guilt or innocence.

  7. Cleveland rolling the dice here. Good luck. Hate to see this for their fans.

  8. Civil lawsuits do not preclude someone from future employment. It seems the logical and smart move.

  9. “They say we have the best legal system in the world.”

    Nobody says that.

  10. Is Jimmy Haslam any better than Dan Snyder? Haslam is doing a Castanza on everything his advisors tell him.

  11. Fairness? He lost a year of playing time with no criminal charges against him.

  12. $230M and 22 accusers. Anyone else feel like Watson’s contract was a shady way of trying “1 up” them?

  13. Love all these “guys” who would rather give Watson the benefit of the doubt that his victims. And to charlie genius, the police declined to press charges, where you been?

  14. Sorry to the collective witch hunt, he’s innocent until proven guilty, which he has not been.

    Not even close.

  15. How is it unfair for getting paid the going rate at his profession?

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