Eagles believe Jordan Davis can have a role rushing the passer


Defensive tackle Jordan Davis was an impactful player at Georgia because of the way he tied up offensive linemen and stifled opponents who tried to run the ball between the tackles.

Davis was good enough at that job to be the 13th overall pick in the draft, but the Eagles think he can play a more expansive role. Defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon said at a Tuesday press conference that Davis is “a big, explosive, violent man that can win one-on-one” and that opens the door for him to remain on the field against the pass.

“A lot of the same things, and then there are going to be certain times where we let him cut his ears back and rush,” Gannon said. “At that place, obviously they play really good football there, they didn’t ask him to do that a lot. But he definitely has the skill set to do that when you start looking at how he moves and his body and his traits. He definitely will project to affect the game in the pass game, as well.”

With Haason Reddick joining Brandon Graham, Derek Barnett, and Josh Sweat on the outside, interior players like Davis, Fletcher Cox, and Javon Hargrave could find advantageous matchups in passing situations. If the rookie proves adept at handling them, the Eagles defense will look like a tough one to topple.

4 responses to “Eagles believe Jordan Davis can have a role rushing the passer

  1. Here is hoping Jordon can push the pocket back so the quarterback can’t step up

  2. He is a cheeseburger away from being out of the league……guy showed up out of shape to his biggest season ever in college….not sure he loves football.

  3. Eagles (Howie) lack of recent success in the first round is because they draft players, then try to make them something they’re not. I hope Davis can break the trend

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