Justin Herbert says he’s “getting after it” in the weight room, now weighs 245

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert was noticeably muscular at Monday’s opening of minicamp, and he says he’s been working hard in the weight room and gaining weight.

Herbert, who weighed 236 pounds at the Scouting Combine coming out of college, said he’s now up to 245 after working hard with strength and conditioning coach Jonathan Brooks.

“Just lifting, we’ve just been getting after it, and thankful to Jonathan Brooks, who’s been leading the charge,” Herbert said.

This is the time of year when players often say they’re in the best shape of their lives (Patriots quarterback Mac Jones said the same yesterday), but the 6-foot-6 Herbert legitimately looks bigger and stronger than ever before.

27 responses to “Justin Herbert says he’s “getting after it” in the weight room, now weighs 245

  1. 6’ 6” 240lb pocket passer and somehow a few QB needy teams in the top 5 passed on him. Especially the Dolphins – for shorty Tua.

  2. Hope he’s focused on the right things. Functional strength. Lifting often makes QBs less flexible and more likely to be injured. The most successful QBs of all time usually don’t look like Greek gods.

  3. Good for the Air Bear…..maybe he makes a next step. On the other hand, although I’m not a professional athlete, I’ve heard many of them express regret about a phase earlier in their career when they went overboard in the weight room. More muscle does not necessarily equal better QB play.

  4. No shot, he’ll never look as good as Josh Allen does in a pair of shorts.

  5. Scary for a person to be that big, that strong, and that athletic. Imagine a guy like him running down the street with everything you own, would you want to tackle him? That is what Lombardi said was the definition of tackling.

  6. Why bulk up from 236??? Look for regression this season, if its not broke don’t fix it.

  7. When the Raiders finish 3-14 and the Chargers go deep into the playoffs will the Raiders ownership finally draft a QB?

  8. I just read an article about Mac Jones being in the best shape of his life. He probably weighs 245 too but in the same way that I weigh 245 which isn’t good.

  9. I can’t wait to see him play in his 3rd year. A better O Line, some more targets and an upgraded defense.

  10. Not sure he needs to be that big, but then again, Coach Staley likes to run his superstar QB into the middle of the pile since he can’t get short yardage from his O-line and RB.

  11. Not sure why he wants to bulk up. He needs to stretch and focus on his diet. QBs do not need to be thick guys. Just be able to avoid the hit and be pliable.

  12. We can be certain that the program Herbert is on is specifically designed for a quarterback. Weight training, stretching, diet, all of it. Added muscle mass will only make him better, and he’s already a kid with a crazy high ceiling.

  13. What defensive player from last year said if you hit Herbert “you can rattle him”?

  14. A lot of the comments here tell me some of you guys haven’t kept up with advances in nutrition and exercise since some time around the 1940s. I agree that QBs don’t need to be mass monsters (and perhaps another topic, but there’s a certain level of lean body mass that is not possible naturally), but strength training does not make athletes weaker (lol,what?) or less flexible and injury prone. Honestly, when I saw 245 at first I was skeptical but forgot he was 6’6.

  15. Meanwhile, the Boston Lobsters QB showed up looking like Sonny Jurgensen (with the belly….not the arm) and was promptly told that he needed to lose 10 pounds.

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