Kyle Shanahan expects Jimmy Garoppolo to be traded but admits it’s “not a guarantee”

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Chargers
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The 49ers were close to trading Jimmy Garoppolo before his March 8 surgery on his right shoulder. Garoppolo remains on their roster, due to make $25 million as a backup to Trey Lance.

That’s not good for anyone involved, and the 49ers would love to deal Garoppolo. But he’s not scheduled to throw until sometime this summer, so even Kyle Shanahan isn’t sure what Garoppolo’s future is.

Nothing’s changed since that surgery,” Shanahan said Tuesday. “Where we were at before that, and then he got the surgery, so everything went on hold. I expect him at some time, most likley, to be traded, but who knows? That’s not a guarantee. It’s been exactly on hold when that happened. When he’s healthy, we’ll see what happens.”

The 49ers traded up to draft Trey Lance with the third overall selection in 2021. Lance is expected to take over as the full-time starter this season after Garoppolo started 15 of 17 games last season.

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  1. Trade him to the CFL maybe he’ll be able to put in a full season up there

  2. The 49ers don’t want JimmyG to end up with the Seahawks. Otherwise they might have just released him outright.
    Chances are he gets traded for a late round pick to the Panthers. They’ll probably eat half his salary as well to make that happen.
    That’s what I think, anyways

  3. Trade Trey Lance instead. The 49ers are consistently a contender with Jimmy and they could probably re-sign him for $25M a year for 3 years. In 2 years for no explicable reason you either lose Lance, give him the franchise tag or give him at least $40M a year.

    Just admit it was a bad experiment, cut your losses and keep winning now.

    The idea of having to prove you made the right draft choice while having a losing record makes no sense.

  4. I give Jimmy G. credit. He played the 49ers like a violin. Shanahan and Lynch thought they had it all figured out, but Garoppolo had a move left they totally missed and now the rest of the league is looking for them to just cut him loose.

  5. Jimmy did the right thing having surgery; wondering why he didn’t do it earlier.
    Get healthy and a spot will form for him in the NFL.
    Bradford and Palmer found spots where no one expected them to be.

  6. Jimmy played the 49ers. Plain and simple. No one is taking on a 25 million dollar contract with a Qb who isn’t throwing yet. If they trade him other team will require the 49ers to pay at least 15 million of that contract.

  7. This cant be real right? Does he want to lose games and his job too? Jimmi G. gives you the best chance to win games. Why does everybody hate on the guy so much?? I’m at a loss for words.

  8. Trey Lance…lol

    The hubris with these GMs and these coaches who think they’re smarter than everyone else.

  9. imagine knowing youre about to get fired….and no one has the guts to tell you in person

  10. minime says:

    May 24, 2022 at 6:35 pm

    Trade or release shanahan instead.
    Along with lynch.


    Yeah trade the guys who built a team that have gone to 2 NFCCG and a Super Bowl in 3 years.

    Go back to sleep.

  11. curtis20 says:
    May 24, 2022 at 7:37 pm
    Why does everybody hate on the guy so much?? I’m at a loss for words.


    Word one: Interceptions.

    Word two: Injuries (virtually every season).

    Any questions?

  12. The only “who knows” is between being traded or cut. Not IF they’re going to move him, but how.

    Telling that a coach would put this out in the media. This means there’s absolutely ZERO action on this. It’s not a game of weighing offers, it’s now about drumming up interest and the way he’s speaking, by not even hyping JG up, he’s very aware talks, if they ever existed, stalled on the money.

    Here’s how this will likely go down.

    No market will materialize (shocking) and the Niners will be forced to cut JG. However, they’re hoping by this time SEA will have picked up a QB.

    Since JG has more than 4 years when he’s cut he will be “released” unconditionally, not “waived”, which is falls under the NFL waiver rules. This means JG can and will sign with any team he chooses, and he’ll have multiple options.

    Bottom line, SF can only control where JG goes if they eat his salary and make a deal with a team of their choosing. No team will take on $27m, that’s been clear since news of his surgery hit.

    Now, the Niners will be forced to cut him and are left only with the HOPE he doesn’t land in the division.

  13. Spin it any way you like but the 49ers have handled this very poorly from the day they made the trade to get Lance. If you want to see how to do it right, go back and watch Andy Reid and the Chiefs. A classy organization that made their move their way when they were ready without blowing smoke or trying to justify their plan.

  14. Tom Brady says:
    May 24, 2022 at 7:25 pm
    They’d have 2 more rings right now if they’d gone with the right guy
    Who? Nick Mullens?

  15. Could the Niners have handled this any worse? From the beginning. Trading multiple firsts, for Lance??? Wow. So now they totally disrespect the quarterback who has won consistently, for Lance??? Ok now you publicly say you’re going to trade Jimmy GQ, and it won’t be easy. Noooooo. Really? What leverage do you have now? I’ll tell you Kyle; NONE. Your only option is to keep Jimmy GQ and start him, and make a Super Bowl run, or release him, start Lance, and around Halloween start watching the mock drafts. But remember, not the first round mocks.

  16. If Trey Lance was good then why couldn’t he simply beat out Jimmy G for the job? Jimmy G, who everyone knows is a mid-tier QB at best?

  17. Mike says:
    May 24, 2022 at 6:35 pm
    It’s a guarantee…. This is Alex Smith/Mahomes all over again


    Also smith/kaep

  18. I can’t say that I am a 49er “fan”, but I do like to see them play. Gotta say, I don’t get any of this. They are going to pay him, in one way or another. He isn’t a bad qb. He’s been a good qb for them. Since you are going to pay the guy, why wouldn’t you keep him, at least another year, and give Trey Lance a chance to prove he’s the second coming or a something else? It’s a bad thing to have two good qbs? Go figure.

  19. The shoulder has nothing to do with it. They over played their position thinking JG had way more value than he does. He had a limited market before hand now they will be stuck with him or take little in return unless they eat that contract which will keep them from being able to pay Bosa and Deebo both. Simple facts.

  20. The ignorance displayed in these comments is staggering. The 49ers will have “to eat part of his salary”? None of his salary is guaranteed. They can release him once he can pass a physical and take $27 mill off their cap. Why would they pay him to play for someone else?

  21. BraceForImpact says:
    May 24, 2022 at 8:46 pm
    minime says:

    May 24, 2022 at 6:35 pm

    Trade or release shanahan instead.
    Along with lynch.


    Yeah trade the guys who built a team that have gone to 2 NFCCG and a Super Bowl in 3 years.

    Go back to sleep.

    7134Rate This
    What’s their record without Jimmy G starting?

  22. I’m a 49ers fan for over 40’s years and I have doubts about Trey Lance. We gave up big draft capital on a kid who played one year of college football, in a weak conference, with no pro-style offense and he couldn’t supplant Jimmy G last season. I don’t care what type of offense you are running with three 1st rounders and a 3rd, you better be out-of-the-box ready like Watson was. The fact that Kyle won’t say for sure Jimmy will be traded means they haven’t seen what they wanted from Trey. The Niners made a big mistake trading up for this kid. They could have stood pat at 12 and still gotten him. The only reason why they haven’t committed to Jimmy as their QB (which I think he will be) is because of the 3 first-rounders they wasted on drafting a “project” QB.

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