NFL Scouting Combine will stay in Indianapolis through 2024

NFL Combine
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There have been discussions about the NFL Scouting Combine moving to a new location at some point, but it won’t happen in the next two years.

The league announced on Tuesday that the Combine will remain in Indianapolis for the 2023 and 2024 seasons. There was a bidding process to host the event for the first time and NFL executive vice President of club business and league events Peter O’Reilly said that it showed “Indianapolis remains the best city to host and grow” the Combine.

“Indy’s vision brings together its long legacy of successfully hosting the Combine and executing the evaluation process, with an exciting focus on innovating and further growing the even from a fan and media perspective,” O’Reilly said in a statement.

The next two years will push the Combine’s run in Indianapolis to 37 years and we’ll have to wait to find out if future years bring bids that are compelling enough for the league to break a tradition that hasn’t shown any signs that it needs fixing.

10 responses to “NFL Scouting Combine will stay in Indianapolis through 2024

  1. It makes sense. It is a long drive away from most of the schools. LA (where they were talking about) means that most of the players would need to fly. Some of these young men are still on extreme budgets.

  2. NFL, be honest – you just didn’t want to move it away from St. Elmo’s Steakhouse, which is the home away from home for team coaches and evaluators during the combine (and it is a pretty awesome place btw, for those who have never eaten there)

  3. If the Bears end up building a stadium at the Arlington Heights property, the proximity to O’Hare will probably make it a slam dunk to replace Indianapolis.

  4. A million bucks says this ends up in Vegas, Miami, Tampa Bay, or LA after that. They may love St Elmo’s, but they love a warm February more.

  5. I’m assuming they’re realizing after the test run this year that the Westminster Human show isn’t a draw regardless of what city it’s in. You’re literally watching college kids exercising and within a few minutes of the event starting the coaches complained about the music.

    Trying to monetize it will just result in more talent doing pro days instead with all the distractions.

  6. At the end of the day this is essentially a large job interview. Indianapolis is quiet, centrally located and has the hotels/convention space/stadium and medical facilities within walking distance. If the NFL wants to turn it into a spectacle, then Indianapolis is not the proper venue. But if they NFL wants to give coaches, agents, GMs and players a convenient and efficient location to actually evaluate players, then Indy is a keeper.

  7. In some things geography is paramount. Real estate, battlefield tactics, civic planning as examples. But also in convenience and practicality. Indianapolis is centric for the purposes of gathering people from all over the lower 48 in one place. Neither East nor West coasts make sense nor the Nottheast nor the South east. Of the remaining chunk of the country Indianapolis, Chicago, St Louis(I know I know) and a few others make sense where the rest do not. Indianapolis has demonstrated they can do this event with its eyes closed. Should keep the event or be in tight rotation with Chicago as an example or similar city in the middle of the country. IMO

  8. Combine is for fanboys living in Mom’s basement. It is unwatchable to fans with real lives.

  9. The food at St. Elmo’s is nothing compared to the pancake breakfast at St. Alphonso’s.

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