Roger Goodell say NFL is “nearing the end” of investigative period on Deshaun Watson

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The NFL, as expected, is closing in on making a decision regarding Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

At the May ownership meetings in Atlanta, Commissioner Roger Goodell made it clear that things are moving toward a conclusion.

“I can’t give you a timeline,” Goodell told reporters, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “We are nearing the end of the investigative period and then it will be handled by our Disciplinary Officer.”

As we’ve explained, the Disciplinary Officer — jointly hired and paid by the NFL and NFL Players Association — will make a decision on discipline, after the NFL proposes a punishment. Goodell then handles any appeal, unless the Disciplinary Officer decides to impose no discipline at all.

The clock is ticking. It’s time for the NFL to initiate the process. It sounds like it will happen sooner than later.

30 responses to “Roger Goodell say NFL is “nearing the end” of investigative period on Deshaun Watson

  1. I can see it now in 5 years Watson, Kellen Winslow Jr and Kareem Hunt playing a tune up game for the Mean Machine against the guards.

  2. 4 games suspension. Only end up being 3. They’ll say his missed year last year should count for something. Women won’t receive any justice and that’s just the sad state of our country.

  3. Sorry but millions in his wallet and FREE massages available at Houston’s training site it becomes clear that Deshaun “trolled” the internet for his “flavor” of the month!Pretty sure that the money he’s made plus the million he gets this year will be more than enough for him to settle these cases! Suspend him for this coming season, pretty sure that his mama will allow him to sleep in the basement until the rest of the 230 million kicks in!

  4. He was not found guilty in criminal court. The deposition is borderline comical. This is a man’s life,his future and shouldn’t be taken lightly. No amount of money should be able to cure true ptsd.

  5. Credible massage therapists solicit business on Instagram all the time. Don’t they?

  6. A year for his unacceptable behavior and another year for being too stupid to settle these cases long ago.

  7. Will he destroy the evidence or fabricate the evidence this time? We’ll soon find out.

  8. Making a decision before ANY of the 22 civil lawsuits have been heard makes as much sense as the league handing out seasonal awards before the season plays out.

    Trevor Bauer, baby. Two years. You go, Cleveburgh. Screw it up— again.

  9. My prediction is that the league will hand out significant discipline to Watson – and that the league’s actions will, for all practical purposes, be directed much more to the Browns for signing Watson to that insane deal than it will be to Watson for committing the complained of acts. What’s worse to the owners – a rogue owner blowing out the league salary structure with an insane contract or a perverted star player hitting on masseuses? Don’t need a Ph.D. in math to figure that one out.

  10. Bye DeShaun you have a problem regardless of whether or not you and your attorneys think you do. 1 year minimum

  11. This comments on here are a joke. People act like they’re saints, and never have done anything wrong.

  12. Watch it get announced literally while “Real Sports” with Bryant Gumbel is on tonight.

  13. Nearing the end because time is running out before Watson is on the field. Delayed as long as the NFL can. Roger makes big bucks. Time to earn it.

  14. cleluv says:
    May 24, 2022 at 8:36 pm
    He was not found guilty in criminal court.


    No he wasn’t. A grand jury declined to indict him in criminal court. He still faces the civil cases.

  15. People are gonna be REALLY mad when The Browns win the Super Bowl with #4 slingin it around the field.

  16. Absolute delusion. He is not getting 1 or 2 years. 4-6 games max. ESPECIALLY FOR SOMEONE WHO ISN’T GETTING TRIED CRIMINALLY.

  17. Issuing a punishment for this season and then having more damaging info. come out at trial(s) would just make the league look stupid. Unless Watson settles, it would be better to wait until the judicial process is complete.

  18. Hypothetically, if Watson is suspended for this season does he still get paid like last season??? That’s a sweet gig.

  19. I dont think anyone is a Saint, but am pretty sure most people don’t have 22 alleged counts of despicable acts like Watson does??

    What should be nearing an end is Watson nfl career after this.

  20. After watching the real sports. Both woman looked to side Everytime they gave a detail. I’m sorry but they aren’t being truthful. There is a reason the criminal court threw it out in record time.

  21. The way the Browns manipulated the contract to $1mil base tells me they are expecting worse, but I would not be surprised if Watson gets anything 8 or less games and a substantial fine. People forget he sat out last year. He was paid, but the Texans refused to play him. A hefty fine and a few more games out can be coming.

  22. Big Rog has 65M reasons not to mess this one up. Anything less than two years makes the league look weak after MLB suspended Bauer after just one accuser.

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