Ron Rivera on Terry McLaurin: Working on contract, just a matter of time

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Wide receiver Terry McLaurin has not been attending voluntary workouts during the Commanders offseason program as he looks for a long-term deal and it remains unclear how close the two sides might be to reaching agreement on one.

McLaurin’s status was a topic Commanders head coach Ron Rivera addressed during a Tuesday press conference, but Rivera didn’t offer any specifics about where things stand at this point.

“Just that we’ve had communication with him, are working with him. Just a matter of time,” Rivera said, via Nicki Jhabvala of the Washington Post.

McLaurin is in the final year of his rookie contract and is set to make a base salary of $2.79 million if he doesn’t sign a new deal. The Commanders could use a franchise tag in 2023 if a deal remains elusive, although that would likely be an acrimonious situation given how things have unfolded this offseason.

5 responses to “Ron Rivera on Terry McLaurin: Working on contract, just a matter of time

  1. The Virginia Commanders LOL what a joke. So sad to see how far this franchise has tanked.

  2. Quiet is kept, I got these guys making the playoffs this coming season. They have some nice pieces. Just need some decent QB play and they could make noise.

  3. Every year I’m surprised to find Ron Rivera is still a HC in this league. Very forgettable.

  4. “ Every year I’m surprised to find Ron Rivera is still a HC in this league. Very forgettable.”

    Yes, Rivera is overall kind of vanilla (despite the exciting sounding nickname). But that’s what Washington needs. Understated, classy, stable, respected. Those haven’t exactly been traits exuding out of the organization in the last 20 years.

    Will he be a championship coach? Probably not, unfortunately, just based on the historical odds of any coach becoming a championship coach. But he brings stability to an organization that needs it in spades.

    I’m reminded of Marc Jackson with the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors were absolutely dreadful for a long time (not as embarrassing as Washington but just as bad in the standings).

    Jackson came in and stabilized things. They started having competitive records and playoff appearances. But he had a ceiling. He could take dreadful to respectable but couldn’t get over the hump to exceptional.

    Then Steve Kerr walked Jackson’s nice foundation and lifted the team to new heights — multiple titles and perennial title contention. Could he have done that with the mess Jackson improved? Probably not. Could Jackson have taken the Warriors to dynasty-like levels? Also probably not.

    So I think Washington has its Marc Jackson right now. Understated, classy, stable, respected and creating a foundation you can actually build from. Which is exactly what Washington needs at this point.

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