Tyreek Hill: Tua Tagovailoa has one of the prettiest balls I’ve ever caught

Miami Dolphins OTAs
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Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill backed quarterback Tua Tagovailoa earlier this month after a video showing the quarterback underthrowing Hill on a deep ball was posted to the team’s social media and he continued to have positive things to say about his new teammate on Tuesday.

Hill spent the last four years catching passes from Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City, but he didn’t sound like someone who is downgrading his expectations from the quarterback position now that he’s in Miami.

“Tua actually has one of the prettiest balls I’ve ever caught in my life. . . . Tua is a very accurate QB. . . . I’m very confident in my QB . . . the sky is the limit for that guy. Heck of a talent. Has crazy arm strength, arm talent,” Hill said, via Cameron Wolfe of ESPN.com.

Raving about Tagovailoa’s work this offseason is all the rage in Miami right now, but the words of May will be forgotten come September unless they turn out to be prophetic about a third-year leap from the quarterback.

10 responses to “Tyreek Hill: Tua Tagovailoa has one of the prettiest balls I’ve ever caught

  1. Cowboys are always big deal in preseason. Jets are always improved in preseason. Disappointing QB’s are always looking good this year in preseason. Preseason = Nothing. Full disclosure I am a Cowboys fan, but until they actually do something…? Yeah, that’s my point.

  2. Hey Tyrek we all appreciate you having your new QB’s back but come on man, everyone has already seen Tua’s throws and they are anything but pretty. I guess when 98% of your throws are 15 yards or less some will look pretty.

  3. What else is he going to say?

    “Man, I really hope Tua’s better than he has shown so far, because I am used to Mahomey and this stuff? Dayum, son.”

  4. The film doesnt lie Tyreek .youre gonna have to slow down for these lame duck throws

  5. The good thing is both his teammates and coaches are standing up for him which is a far cry from the previous staff. Seems like Miami is actually building a team of guys who have each other’s backs. The bad? Well the hate from some fans and media. I haven’t seen a young QB endure so much negativity in the past 10 years. His first season he was coming off a major hip injury. Had a coach with no clues on how to put together an offense and had no training camp. He’s second season he was stuck with the same lame duck coaching staff and suffered a broken rib. It actually seems he’s on a level playing field with some of these other young QBs now. Mahomes ruined how a lot of people see the QB position. Everyone expects lightning in a bottle now with these young guys. All the first round QBs from last year were given excuses because of their circumstances but Tua was never given that pass. Why?

  6. It looks pretty when it is going slow through the air and off target. Gives the WR a good view.

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