A pair of Virginia senators raise doubts about public money for a Washington Commanders stadium

NFL Washington Commanders announce the signing of veteran QB Carson Wentz
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The Washington Commanders reportedly have plunked down $100 million for land in Virginia on which a stadium could be built. The Commanders also may have to plunk down all of the money to build the stadium there, however.

Via the Washington Post, a pair of Virginia senators, one a Democrat and one a Republican, raised doubts on Wednesday about a taxpayer-supported venue.

Senator Stephen D. Newman, a Republican, serves on a group of lawmakers who are working on potential stadium bills. He said controversies involving the team could keep that from happening.

“Most people would like to have the team here,” Newman said. “The question that still remains is whether or not there is any political will to move forward this year given some of the difficulties surrounding the owner. I’ve heard from a number of fellow senators who are concerned.”

Senator Chap Peterson, a Democrat who previously supported the franchise, said he won’t vote for a stadium bill, in part because he no longer has “confidence in the Washington Commanders as a viable NFL franchise.”

Said the Commanders, in a statement issued by team president Jason Wright: “We are incredibly eager to continue our work with legislative leaders in Virginia and other jurisdictions. The bill being crafted in the Virginia General Assembly would pave the way for us to engage in meaningful discussions with state and local leaders in the Commonwealth on their economic development goals and how our new venue can dramatically support those objectives.”

Still, that bill would only provide for less than $300 million. In other cities, the money being contributed by public bodies is much higher.

25 responses to “A pair of Virginia senators raise doubts about public money for a Washington Commanders stadium

  1. “I no longer have confidence in the Commanders as a viable NFL franchise”


  2. “Only 300 million” – it should read ” the billionaire owner fronted the entire bill. The joke is on all of us for (read this carefully) continuing to subsidize billionaire owners. Constantly threatening to move – how is this a way to say thank you for decades of support?

  3. Virginia, just say no! No public money for people with very questionable values like Snyder

  4. Snyder got wind of his partners counting votes to get rid of him, so he plunked down some pocket change for some stadium land.
    A new stadium will bring in fresh revenue for the partners.
    That’s Danny’s way of apologizing for ripping them off for their share of the visitors revenue.
    He’ll want to remain in the NFL bad enough that he’ll pay for it himself. But at least he’s got to see if he can get free money first.
    They’re not going to boot him out if he’s planning on building a new playpen.

  5. Good! Line up the hoops to jump. As a Northern Virginian I would hate to see the new stadium built around here. Traffic is already rough as it is and getting there would be no easier than it is in Maryland.

    I grew up a fan, but Danny boy lost my following as well as his mind when he sued season tixket holders that could not pay during the 2008 financial crisis, at a time when there were over 100k on the waiting list. To me that i when the franchise turned their backs on the fans. Not to mention all the other scummy moves through the years. I want so bad to have a reason to root for this team again, but I refuse to pay a dime to see them in my backyard.

    Just force new ownership and rebuild RFK already, there is NO other way the organization can execute a true reboot and get the true fans support!

  6. The Eagles are expanding their franchise into three different countries, meanwhile the Wash-Coms are having trouble expanding into the next state.

  7. Dan Snyder has ruined a once-great franchise, and Roger Goodell is complicit in its demise.

  8. I don’t support public money for stadiums. That being said, this post is the perfect example of most people’s hypocrisy. People don’t care about the moral or ethical aspect of public money for stadiums, they only care about the team being good. I notice the Bills didn’t have any trouble getting truckloads of public money for their stadium. Interesting.

  9. This would be the first pro sports team to play their home games in Virginia. Other states have a precedent of giving up millions for stadiums. VA never has and should stand their ground.

  10. jcdough says:
    May 26, 2022 at 9:08 am

    This would be the first pro sports team to play their home games in Virginia.


    The Virginia Squires with Dr. J didn’t play in Virginia?
    Interesting. Where did they play?

  11. As a Virginia resident and taxpayer, I am happy to hear this. Snyder should receive no taxpayer dollars at all for the stadium. Let him finance the entire thing himself!

    I am so sick and tired of hearing how taxpayer funds are justified because “it will help the local economy.” That’s a bunch of BS. You could spur much more meaningful economic growth by investing those billions in some other way. Big deal that you’ll fund construction companies from outside of the county or supply the locals with jobs in the food service industry. The whole argument is a scam. It is — as has been stated here — a simple handout to a billionaire.

    I am a Commanders fans but I’d be fine if Snyder took his ball and left — for another region of the country!

  12. This franchise changed their name SO THEY COULD get funding for a new stadium. Please help the Commanders finalize a new stadium deal. TN and Buffalo are getting bigtime help for new stadiums. Please get this done!!

  13. The Virginia Squires did too play in Virginia!….The Hampton Coliseum to be exact!!!

  14. @razzlejag The location is allegedly along I-95 at the Prince William Pkwy exit where the commuter lot is now and to the north of there.

  15. Being and Eagles fan, I wish no ill will on the franchise that the washington area folks root for. After all, it had great history! Joe Gibbs was a class act, great coach, and the teams he ran were excellent. We did not hate the team, we respected them. We didnt hate the fans, we understood them, because they have gone years, decades, of bad football seasons, not heart breakers, mind you, but ‘spirit breakers’. Yet, the DC area does have fans sticking in there… quietly waiting for their team emerge under new leadership, new ownership and a possibly new venue. The PROBLEM is NO ONE in Virginia, DC or Maryland government wants reward this current owner with a taxpayer handout because of who HE IS, and what HE IS. We had it bad in Philly for some years back int he day, but not due to crappy ownership and piss-poor management. Our advice to DC: Hang in there DC-area football fans. This (owenrship) too will pass, much luck to your future owner and team. Keep voting with your money and tax dollars, keep it all out of Dan’s hands.

  16. jdreed68 says:
    May 26, 2022 at 7:50 am
    The Eagles are expanding their franchise into three different countries, meanwhile the Wash-Coms are having trouble expanding into the next state.
    Come on Man, kick the rival teams fans when they are down? You’re making Philly fans look bad. These folks are suffering because of their ownership, they have gone through far worse than Philly fans have endured- these folks have been getting scammed year-in, year out by one person-who they cannot fire. They are just choosing to NOT reward him anymore. Hang Tough DC fans.

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