George Kittle: I definitely think Trey Lance has taken ownership

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All indications from the 49ers this offseason have been that the club is ready to hand the starting quarterback role over to 2021 No. 3 overall pick Trey Lance.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan said on Tuesday that he’s expecting Jimmy Garoppolo to be traded at some point, but admitted there isn’t a guarantee it happens. But if Garoppolo hadn’t had surgery on his throwing shoulder, he may have found another team already.

Either way, Lance is the top quarterback in the facility as the 49ers get their OTAs underway this week. And according to star tight end George Kittle, Lance is acting like it.

I definitely think he’s taken ownership, for sure,” Kittle said, via Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle. “You can kind of tell that in meetings, he’ll talk. He’s assuming responsibility. … He’s letting his personality show a little bit. And he’s going to be out there slinging the rock around.”

Lance started two games for the 49ers last year, going 1-1 in those games. In his six total appearances as a rookie, Lance completed 57.7 percent of his passes for 603 yards with five touchdowns and two interceptions and rushed for 168 yards with a TD.

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  1. Jimmy G and Baker Mayfield are basically in limbo, waiting for teams to realize their QB plans are failing, or there is an injury. Both could be sitting there until mid season and then traded for pennies before the trade deadline, or maybe not at all. It’s hard to imagine a team that had a QB take them to the league Championship Game or the Super Bowl in two of the last three seasons, and they are discarding him for the unknown and unproven. Shanahan is looking for his John Elway. It’s hard to win it all with that offense even with a John Elway, who failed to win it all more then he won it all (at the end of his career). I’m not convinced the 49ers have handled this whole thing very well at all.

  2. I really can’t understand all the focus on whether Trey Lance is ready or not. He sat most of his rookie year, and is going to start his second year. Shanahan and Lynch have been straightforward about it all along. And of course Kittle and everyone else is going to be very supportive of Lance. He is the new QB and they all realize the team is good enough to fight for a shot at the championship. No one on earth or space or the internet, not even Lance himself, knows how he is going to perform this year, and whether or not he will develop into a great QB or go the route of many other 1st round QB picks who can’t manage the speed/complexity of the NFL.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the 49ers this season, and how Trey Lance develops. Love Nick Bosa, Go 49ers!!

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