Jim Irsay: It’s been really exciting having Matt Ryan and his leadership


After moving on from Carson Wentz without an immediate replacement to be their QB1, the Colts were able to trade for veteran Matt Ryan.

It seems as if Colts owner Jim Irsay couldn’t be happier with his new quarterback.

“Oh man, I tell you it’s been great,” Irsay said at the league’s spring meeting on Tuesday, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “It’s been really exciting having him in and his leadership.”

Irsay added that Ryan has been like a coach on the field for the club. And Indianapolis isn’t anticipating that he’ll be retiring anytime soon.

“It’s awesome. We’re really excited about Matt and we feel he just turned 37,” Irsay said. “He’s excited about playing and excited about finishing his legacy over the next three, four, or five years or whatever it is.

“I know with the same ideas that we have, with a world championship. It’s been great having him.”

Entering his 15th pro season, Ryan is coming off a year in which he threw for 3,968 yards with 20 touchdowns and 12 interceptions — leading Atlanta to a 7-10 record.

10 responses to “Jim Irsay: It’s been really exciting having Matt Ryan and his leadership

  1. Remember when Irsay all but guaranteed “multiple championships” with Andrew Luck?

    Good times!

  2. Could that shot at Wentz (and his leadership style) be any more thinly veiled?

  3. Ahh, “leadership” qualities. Meaning he actually had statistically WORSE season last couple of years than the guy he’s replacing in Wentz.

    And “leading” a team to a 10-loss season – is that something you should be emphasizing when promoting your new QB? Or bringing up his age at 37?

    Hate to tell Irsay, but those are things you should NOT be advertising to draw excitement with the fan base…

  4. Irsay and his mouth would wear me out if I were a Colts fan. He talks a lot and would probably be better served letting his football people speak about football matters.

  5. Irsay is as bad as WIP in Philadelphia with the Wentz hate. You moved on…get over it!!

  6. This guy always says the wrong thing—a rich person without a clue. Get ready for another banner hanging cerimony

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