John Harbaugh on Lamar Jackson’s absence: Up to him to speak for himself

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson hasn’t been at the team’s organized team activities this week and any discussion of why he’s decided not to take part in the voluntary work is going to have to wait until Jackson’s next visit with reporters.

Head coach John Harbaugh was asked about the reason why Jackson wasn’t at practice on Wednesday and said it was a question that only Jackson will be able to answer.

“It’s up to him to speak for himself,” Harbaugh said, via Jonas Shaffer of the Baltimore Sun.

Jackson’s expiring contract has been a frequent talking point around the Ravens this offseason, but the impression has been that the team is making the bigger push to get a deal done at this point. How or if that plays into Jackson’s absence will be a question that has to remain on ice until Jackson’s available to answer it.

13 responses to “John Harbaugh on Lamar Jackson’s absence: Up to him to speak for himself

  1. doesnt seem that who ever LJ is getting his advice from doing him any favors..

  2. 2022, Jackson is under contract.

    2023, Jackson is franchised.

    2024, Baltimore drafts a new QB & let’s Jackson walk.

    I’m ok with that.

  3. I Like Turtles says:
    May 25, 2022 at 2:35 pm
    Only acceptable response to LJ an question…Ask his agent.

    Lmao….that’s perfect.

  4. LJ is betting on LJ for a monster year. It would be foolish to blow out something on the precipice of a season that will set up his NFL and financial future.

  5. why does Lamar have to explain his absence from VOLUNTARY organized team activities?

    Brady regularly skips these, and so does Rodgers.

  6. Jackson wants to be paid like a top 5 QB, but he doesn’t deliver when it matters. The Ravens are smart to slow play this one.

  7. So a reporter asks Harbaugh a question about Lamar and folk comment on how Lamar’s silence speaks volumes. What an interesting take. Lamar has as 75% career win rate and an MVP under his belt. He had a down year as a result of the team being riddles with injuries and having a horrible offensive line. In spite of that her carried the team to a number one seed half way through the 2021 season until he got hurt and the wheels came completely off the cart. So my guess is Lamar is good. Just because reporters ask questions and frame things a certain way doesn’t mean we have to just accept what they’re saying as reality..

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