Jon Gruden scores major preliminary victory in his lawsuit against the NFL, Roger Goodell

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Technically, banging a gavel is just another way of knocking on wood if you’re with me.

Former Raiders coach Jon Gruden has scored a major preliminary victory in his lawsuit against the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell. Via Katelyn Newberg of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, District Judge Nancy Allf denied the NFL’s motion to dismiss the case and, more importantly, the NFL’s motion to compel arbitration.

It means (if it sticks) that Gruden’s case will proceed in open court, and not in the NFL’s secret rigged kangaroo court.

It’s a win for the fans and media as well, since it means that a much greater degree of transparency will apply to the fight. It means that, barring a quick and quiet settlement, we’ll find out who leaked the emails that forced Gruden out, and much more.

We are going to let the process take care of itself,” Gruden said outside the courtroom, via A.J. Perez of “Good luck to the Raiders. Go Raiders. I don’t have anything [else] to comment on. This process will take care of itself. It’s good to be back in Vegas. I am going to see friends tonight.”

The NFL has tried to make the case about the content of the emails, which obviously were inappropriate. Gruden’s lawyers have made the case about the alleged efforts of the NFL to force Gruden out by giving the emails to the media.

Making the ruling more potent is the fact that Judge Allf ruled from the bench. That doesn’t happen often. It happens when the proper ruling is so clear from the written submissions and the applicable precedent that there’s nothing that could be said or done in open court to change the outcome. It’s the closest thing that a judge can do to spiking the football in the face of the party that loses the issue.

Via Mark Maske of the Washington Post, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy says the league will appeal the ruling. Of course it will. It will fight and scratch and claw to try to keep this case out of public, open court.

The NFL, for example, took its effort to force the St. Louis relocation litigation to arbitration all the way to the United States Supreme Court. Look for the league to do the same thing here.

The NFL hates to lose in court. It’s best chance to avoid losing in court is to push the fight to its own internal processes, where the outcome is secure and the facts remain hidden.

44 responses to “Jon Gruden scores major preliminary victory in his lawsuit against the NFL, Roger Goodell

  1. Who doesn’t want to see that dolt Roger be cross examined?? Would be good to see him sweat

  2. Hmmm, this doesn’t look good for Roger and the NFL. Especially after having to assess each team millions for the St Louis debacle. Owners, keep your checkbooks handy. By the way, how much are the owners paying Roger.

  3. Even if he wins, he loses and the NFL rolls right along

  4. Wonder how many millions the NFL is going to take from each team to settle this one out of court….. Roger sure is losing his touch as commissioner….. 50 million a year & doing a crap job….. hey, sign me up, even I can do that, & I’ll only cost you 30 million a year!! LOL

  5. This is going to be interesting. What’s the over/under the league settles with an NDA?

  6. This could be the real deal season of Hard Knocks. Buckle up, Roger.

  7. The Raiders, do not lose in court vs. The NFL. Its literally the reason they hate us to this day.

  8. The implications for the NFL, Roger G, Daniel S are astronomical, no pay off of Gruden happening here.

  9. Unfortunately this case will never see the light of day. The NFL will do what it can to get it dismissed, but barring that, they will settle it. Too much can come out of this that would seriously hurt the brand. I would love to see this play out like the Depp-Heard trial but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  10. In the era of Goodell it’s just one scandal after another making the main headlines. I miss the old NFL.

  11. Not a matter of “if”, but when he wins this case, he should get the remainder of his salary times 3.
    Plus the bonus satisfaction of it being revealed that Danny Snyder was behind it.

  12. I’m guessing Flores attorneys are happy about the ruling as they’re also looking to get out of arbitration and into open court…

  13. Maybe we can set up a GoFundMe page to compensate Gruden to not settle, but fight this out to the bitter end.

  14. They are going to have to give Gruden a boatload of money to get him to settle out of court. Chuckie seems like he would say no thanks I have enough money, lets pull back the curtain to let everyone know the dirtbags that NFL owners are

  15. Good. Bruce Allen and Snyder played a role in this. Anything that helps Snyder out of the league the better!

  16. This is a win for Washington too. The leaked emails that got Gruden fired were from the Washington investigation. The more of Snyder’s dirty laundry that gets aired, the better.

  17. Let’s see $7,500,000.00 divided by 8 home games x 65000 fans . Guessing ticket prices will go up about $14.42 a seat.

  18. The way they presented this whole thing about gruden emails publicly, emails sent privately when he wasn’t even a coach. It calls for revenge call to drag the NFL publicly as well, let the whole world know how both gruden and the other NFL owners really are. None will look good in the end, deservedly

  19. I think instead of Gruden scoring a victory, I think his life has taken a big hit.

  20. Sometimes I’m upset that I enjoy the product so much. A lot of slime around the league.

  21. Wouldn’t it be nice if it got so nasty the only way the NFL could make it go away was by ousting Snyder and working it so that Gruden owned a piece of Washington.

  22. Yet another incident of shield tarnishing for Goodell. If the case isn’t in his court he loses everytime. Getting paid millions for pure imcompentency.

  23. If this does end up in court, will Gruden try to screw the NFL over and in public? Or will he take the money?

    Going all the way in court would certainly help mend his public image, if that’s even possible.

  24. Looks like New Yorkers will be ponying up more tax money to pay for the poor Bill’s fees.

  25. There is stench all over this, the NFL trying to cover a whole lot stuff by throwing Gruden under the bus is just not right. I really hope it all comes out.

  26. This is gonna be sweet to see the NFL get hammered. The Raiders already know the NFL hates us and always has since the early 70’s. Chucky deserves all the money he can get.

  27. What exactly is Gruden’s viable theory of recovery? He has no expectation of privacy in emails sent and received on company devices. There is no law against providing public emails to the press or anyone else. Gruden’s contractual rights were not interfered with, as the Raiders did not have to fire him and his contract had a morals that he violated.

    The bottom line is that Gruden’s problems were caused by Gruden himself. All he had to do was not publish racist and misogynist emails. That doesn’t seem to difficult.

  28. Gruden got what he deserved. The nfl, though, deserves this problem. Their habit of “leaks” needs to stop. If you have cause you fire a guy, fire him.

  29. Good for Gruden. He said some inappropriate stuff but he didn’t deserve to be fired and certainly not in the manner the NFL did it

  30. If the NFL wants to make the case about the content of Gruden’s emails, then the rest of the Washington email archive from that period should be made public so it can be proven that Gruden wasn’t unfairly singled out.

  31. Sometimes I’m upset that I enjoy the product so much. A lot of slime around the league.


    I am always upset that I enjoy the NFL so much. It’s like that old girlfriend that was nothing but bad news, but you just couldn’t walk away!

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