Kevin Stefanski: Didn’t watch HBO interview, we’ve did a lot of work on Deshaun Watson

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Interviews with two of the women suing Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson for sexual misconduct aired on HBO on Tuesday night, but Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski wasn’t among those watching the broadcast.

Stefanski was asked if he watched the interviews with Ashley Solis and Kyla Hayes during a Wednesday press conference. He said he didn’t, but that the team had done extensive research into Watson before agreeing to trade for him this offseason.

“I read about it,” Stefanski said, via Mary Kay Cabot of “We did a lot of work on that. As we’ve talked about, we’ve done a lot of work on Deshaun the person. There’s legal proceedings ongoing, there’s an investigation ongoing so I won’t comment much further than that. We understand, with respect to that, it is something we’re going to be dealing with as these proceedings go on.”

Commissioner Roger Goodell said on Tuesday that the NFL’s investigation into Watson is nearing its end and the disciplinary fallout will be added to the list of things related to Watson that the Browns will be dealing with this year.

10 responses to “Kevin Stefanski: Didn’t watch HBO interview, we’ve did a lot of work on Deshaun Watson

  1. A huge mistake by the Browns, as a Full season suspension coming at least but the Browns is the Browns,

  2. This is very sad and embarrassing for all fans of the game. The face of your franchise is a total creep.

  3. I’ve always pulled for the Browns just out of sadness for their fans. Now I hope they get demolished. What a bad decision from the top down

  4. Why the hell doesn’t he just say what we all know to be true: “We signed him because he’s a top 10 QB and are willing to overlook the past indiscretions and weather public discontent if he’s willing to behave from now on”.

  5. I understand his point of view. Why watch something that is one-sided and scripted vs. extensively interviewing, speaking to and working with the alleged perpetrator?

  6. Two grand juries read evidence and listened to testimony and failed to indict. But some of you would give more merit to an uncontested interview aimed at ratings. I’m not saying his actions are not problematic but he has to date not been found guilty of anything. There was an owner who was caught on tape and arrested for visiting a massage parlor. I don’t recall all this fan outrage. Was he suspended for a year? Which one of you boycotted the NFL because of it?

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