NFL, NFLPA agree to allow up to eight players to return from injured reserve in 2022

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During the pandemic, the NFL and NFL Players Association agreed to dramatically relax the rules regarding injured reserve. For 2022, the rules will be not quite as relaxed.

Via Mike Garafolo of NFL Media, the NFL and NFL Players Association have agreed that teams will be permitted to designate up to eight players for return from injured reserve in the coming season. A player is eligible to return to practice four games after the player landed on IR.

One specific player can return from IR twice this season, but each occasion counts toward the eight total returns from injured reserve.

In 2020 and 2021, teams could put an unlimited number of players on IR, and they could return after missing only three games.

In 2019, teams had only two IR return designations per year. The player had to miss eight games before returning to practice.

5 responses to “NFL, NFLPA agree to allow up to eight players to return from injured reserve in 2022

  1. They need to expand rosters at least 2 players, active on game day. Expand cap to account for it. There’s too much talent getting wasted, borderline injured getting really hurt.

  2. Good. I’ve always hated how restrictive IR is in the NFL. It doesn’t benefit the NFL for teams to play with short rosters because they have short-term injuries and don’t want to shut guys down for the year.

  3. Better but still not good enough given the evidence that players are getting injured more, playing so many games in such a short time. Sometimes teams are playing 3 games wihin about 2 weeks. That’s not enough recovery time.

  4. For a league that tries to be very progressive in some aspects is very slow to change in others, what is wrong with unlimited players on injured reserve? It gives other players chances they would never have.

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