NFL will launch a paid streaming service

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Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered. The NFL continues to test the warning that Mark Cuban offered in 2014.

Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal reports that the NFL will launch its own streaming service. It will be called NFL Plus.

The league is expected to sell the service for roughly $5 per month, but that could change.

Per Fischer, the service will focus on providing access to live games on mobile phones and tablet.

It’s not Sunday Ticket, however. Fans would be limited to the games they otherwise could see on local TV. Previously, Yahoo and some mobile phone carriers made those games available for streaming purposes.

Other content on NFL Plus will potentially include, via Fischer, “radio, podcasts, and miscellaneous team-created content.”

The challenge becomes getting someone to pay five bucks a month for access to games otherwise available to users via their current TV arrangements, whether it’s rabbit ears or cable or satellite or a streaming service. If they can see the games they otherwise would see on their TVs through other resources, why pay to get access directly from the NFL? And as to the other content on the NFL’s in-house service, there’s frankly so much free content out there that there’s no reason to pay for radio, podcasts, or whatever else will be created — especially since everything created by the league and its teams has a baked-in bias that consists of excessive cheerleading and insufficient attention paid to issues that could make Big Shield and the franchises hiding behind it look bad.

Nine years ago, the NFL launched a free streaming service dubbed NFL Now. It’s apparently still around, but it never really developed much traction. Now, at a time when people already are spending a five bucks here and 10 bucks there and 15 bucks over there for content that is truly unique, why pay $5 a month for games that are available on TV and content that duplicates, at best, the content that can be gotten anywhere for zero dollars per month?

We’re not saying football fans shouldn’t buy it. We’re just wondering why they would.

And we’re also wondering whether, as the league sits only two years away from the one-decade-away implosion that Cuban predicted, the pig is teetering on finally becoming a full-blown hog.

34 responses to “NFL will launch a paid streaming service

  1. Apple TV MLB was a HUGE mistake and is probably the worst contract MLB has ever done.. they’re setting these platforms for one thing, gambling

  2. Definitely need a less expensive alternative to sunday ticket for viewing out of market games. Stream for a reasonable per game charge could be an option. I can already stream any game all season for less than half the cost of nfl ticket.

  3. I think a NFL streaming service would be great if it provided access to the NFL Films archive. I’m not sure if this already exists in another streaming platform but having access to the glory days of the NFL would be incredible and worth the $5 (if not more) per month.

  4. Include everything NFL Films has ever produced from the 1960s as on demand and you might actually get some fans to fork over the $5.
    John “The Voice of God” Facenda all day.

  5. For crying out loud, just give us the option to pay for and stream single out of market games if we want to.

  6. In 5 years, the NFL will charge a fee to watch the super bowl. Thia is probably just the beginning of that.

  7. Honestly I like it. 90% of the reason I pay for YouTube TV is for access to local channels without spotty OTA signal, so if I can replace the $70 a month with a $5 option and sacrifice the occasional times I watch something else on cable, I’m all for it.

  8. Not an expert in anything and not nearly as smart as I used to be, but I think I’ve decided streaming is kind of a fad. For example, I loved PEACEMAKER on HBO MAX but haven’t been remotely inclined to re-watch any part of it yet. Anyway … because the NFL’s product changes, its streaming ambitions might work. Not with my money, however.

  9. I have a digital antenna. It cost $19.99 and i got it on amazon. I get abc/cbs/nbc/fox so i get all prime time games except the (usually bad) NFL network ones. My eagles are in 3-5 primetime games a year. Why the heck would I pay $5 a month to see the games i can already see for free (the antenna gets me dozens of other channels too if you didn’t know). I save the money on directv and with that, i can meet friends out for another 1-3 birds games a year. So i see at least half the season for next to nothing.

  10. It would start at a $5 a month option. Then become required at a much higher rate I’m guessing.

  11. Tell me you’ve made a decision without consulting a single fan without telling me you made a decision without consulting a single fan.

  12. The only way this will make money is if they release the archive of every game played in NFL History. I for one would pay to watch 80’s Redskins games.

  13. Woodley says:
    May 25, 2022 at 10:03 am
    Include everything NFL Films has ever produced from the 1960s as on demand and you might actually get some fans to fork over the $5.
    John “The Voice of God” Facenda all day.

    Amen! Even The Simpsons acknowledged Facenda’s greatness. Homer rented a VHS (ha!) called something like “NFL’s Greatest Breaks” or something, and they had a sound-alike Facenda, and all he said was “The compound fracture…” and it perfectly nailed it and the power and gravitas of his amazing narrations.

  14. All these streaming services are turning into cable 2.0 and in this case you’re actually starting to now spend more money than previously. One step forward, two steps back.

  15. It can’t be worse than CNN+. At least people watch the free content with the NFL.

  16. I don’t know how they keep getting this wrong.

    Ala carte.

    I’m only interested in one team. I’m happy to pay to watch them.

  17. Streaming services in this country has become so watered down. We need to cut down on the ridiculous amount of these services, especially when most are mediocre.

  18. And such a creative new name. I bet rich people sat around a table for days to come up with this fancy title.

  19. It may be less about fans buying it up front than Amazon buying it

    … and possibly the NFL Network.

  20. Maybe to accommodate the fans that can’t be in the living room to watch the game while it’s on ??

  21. I bet they disable you from hooking up whatever device you’re watching it on to your TV so you can’t watch it on your TV just like they do on the NFL app

  22. spin5150bc says:

    May 25, 2022 at 10:03 am

    For crying out loud, just give us the option to pay for and stream single out of market games if we want to
    And when they do that and they charge at least $25 to $30 per game are you going to purchase it? People want to cry asking for single games but it’s almost never cheaper to buy a la carte than it is to buy a bundle/package.

  23. What the NFL needs to do is stream all the Sunday games through their streaming service for $5 per month. Not only would it make football fans happy, but it would also give other streaming services a run for their money.

  24. Weirdly, I’m all for it! I live in a small town in Alaska, so no games are ‘local’ and getting cable costs more than I’m willing to shell out, so using my internet connection on my tablet, which I can mirror on my tv? Dang! Problem solved. I’d pay $20 a month at least. To watch my sorry Jaguars…..

  25. Buy 1 game at a time makes it difficult to project revenue. Companies much prefer subscription based revenue. It’s also easier for companies to sell marketing spots to a steady, larger, bundled audience.

  26. I pay 100 bucks per year in my country for NFL game pass and believe is pretty cool, all the games plus NFL network and an archive with all the games since 2012, if what Nfl will offer is something like that, is an amazing proposition.

  27. This would be OK if something comes up and you have an emergency right before a game…like a pregnant wife going into labor. You can still catch the game while rushing her to the hospital. Or if your kid breaks his arm right before kickoff.
    While riding in the ambulance with him you don’t have to miss a single play.
    Those people on Park Avenue think of everything.

  28. Just how old are some of you? I am over 50 and did away with all but streaming 3 years ago. I also have Sunday Ticket and NFL game pass. The $5 is less than half of you will pay for a cup of coffee a every day.

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