Tom Brady: It’s been really good having no knee issues to deal with this offseason

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Quarterback Tom Brady has worked out with Buccaneers teammates at the team’s facility this offseason and he’s also worked out with Rob Gronkowski away from the team, which is a nice change from where he was at this point last year.

Brady had MCL surgery last offseason to repair a tear that he suffered during his final season with the Patriots and he said on Wednesday that it has been a “different” offseason as a result. He said he’s been able to “run around a little bit” and do single-leg jumps for the first time in a few years during what sounds like a productive offseason.

“Last year was pretty tough, just from basically having the MCL reconstruction, and I basically tore it in my last season in New England and I went the whole offseason with a torn MCL,” Brady said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “I didn’t get a reconstruction, because I thought it would just heal back. So I didn’t do anything. The following year, I just taped it, basically, every day. And then finally getting it reconstructed last year, it felt for the first time this offseason, it’s been really good.”

Brady did pretty well with compromised offseasons the last two years, so the Bucs should like his prospects for keeping things rolling in 2022.

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