49ers rally against reporter who antagonized Javon Kinlaw

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers
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When a fan runs onto a field during a game, the broadcast doesn’t show it in order to avoid encouraging others from following suit. For similar reasons, we’ve ignored the weird fight that has unfolded between a reporter and 49ers defensive lineman Javon Kinlaw.

I’m not going to spend much time on this, other than to say it’s obvious that the reporter is utilizing his access to troll one specific player in a deliberate effort to provoke the kind of reaction that will elevate the reporter. I’ve watched the videos. It’s painfully obvious. It’s a get-rich-quick scam by someone who is willing to antagonize players under the guise of “calling it like I see it.”

That’s really all we have to say about it. I wanted to say nothing. I finally decided to say something, but to say as little as possible.

And the something I’m saying is this. It’s a know-it-when-you-see-it situation. The reporter wants to boost his own platform by picking a fight with a member of the 49ers, and then by acting like he didn’t pick the fight. Again, it’s painfully obvious.

We won’t give him the satisfaction of using his name. Whether the 49ers want to continue to give him access is their business. It’s actually good for the team, given that players have rallied against the reporters. Meanwhile, the reporter in question is borderline gleeful over the fact that he has stirred things up by crossing the line from fair criticism of a football player to a personal attack on a human being.

That’s all I’m going to say. You can Google it for more details, if you want. I refuse to give the reporter the attention he craves, because it’s obvious that the entire exercise is calculated toward that specific goal.

13 responses to “49ers rally against reporter who antagonized Javon Kinlaw

  1. Not a very smart reporter picking a fight with that guy! Geez, borderline crazy.

  2. The 49ers have a terrible owner, culture, and they treat their players even worse. At least its good to hear that the players have eachother’s backs… like just the other day when Kittle said he likes both his quarterbacks

  3. Calling this particular troll a “reporter” is a real stretch. This guy has hung around writing…sorry…scribbling about the 49ers and he was always full of hot takes about this guy should be cut or traded or that coach should be fired and this one should be hired and the common factor they were usually wrong and bad takes. That he’s trying to go after a specific player is an obvious ploy to boost his standing at a publication that is a shell of its glory days. That’s a shame because that formerly revered publication would never have touched a guy like this back when it had some of the best writers in sports working for them.

  4. I feel like this is a pretty darned relevant microcosm of how our society operates and, more unfortunately, is currently advancing.

  5. Everyone in the SF Bay area knows this guy is an arse. He is a wanna-be Jim Rome and that’s a sad place to be. Kinlaw is a good kid who unfortunately has been hurt.

  6. It worked for Jim Rome. Glad to see you call someone out on it. This is not the way to become famous as a reporter.

  7. I read what he wrote, and frankly it isn’t all that bad or inaccurate. Players are increasingly sensitive to any criticism. It’s a reflection of our current grievance culture.

  8. It’s amazing that Cohn is the SI 9ers reporter. He “rips on the 9ers” in everyone of his posts. I’ve never seen a positive thing said about the team. I’m surprised the team hasn’t banned him from attending practices,etc..

  9. I wholeheartedly trust Mike’s judgment when it comes to things like this. You do indeed know it when you see it

  10. I will always support reporters getting maximum access to subjects they cover but no reporter covering a team who goes about their business this way deserves this type of privilege. Reminds me of what I heard about Manish Mehta when he used to cover the Jets…finally, after some time the organization had enough and took away his credentials but it went on for way too long.

  11. Wouldn’t it be “smarter” to antagonize a punter or placeholder?

    How did he land on Defensive Tackle?!?

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