CFL players ratify new labor deal

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The on-again, off-again, on-again CFL players strike is off again. This time, it’s apparently off for good.

The CFL Players Association advised its membership on Thursday night that the platers have ratified a “tentative memorandum of agreement” with the league.

The message to the players further explains that training camps will continue, and that the 2022 season will commence as scheduled. The regular season is due to begin on June 9.

And so ends only the second work stoppage in CFL history, and the first since 1974.

Earlier this week, the players rejected a deal that had been struck between the league and union management.

5 responses to “CFL players ratify new labor deal

  1. I’m very glad to hear they ratified.
    The CFL is nowhere close to the caliber of football played in the NFL today, (ironically, from what I’ve read they weren’t that far apart back in the 1950s and early 60s). That said, I enjoy watching their games on occasion.
    We get to see decent former US college players and off and on a few former NFL players who can no longer get playing time in the NFL but aren’t ready to hang up their cleats yet.
    And every once in a while we see a Guy who develops in the CFL then makes a name for himself in the NFL, (eg, Warren Moon, Joe Theisman, QB Garcia, etc).

  2. This is really good news. The CFL is a league where guys can go and play and make a decent living playing football. Many guys stay in Canada after football finding jobs in the community and giving back to the community as coaches, and volunteers. Although the CFL does not get the best players, they have division 1 and 2 players who can continue their sports career and make a living doing it.

  3. See you hold out and good things do happen. Now each player gets a case of Molson Brador instead of just a 12-pack

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