Lovie Smith: I think Davis Mills is going to be an excellent quarterback

Houston Texans v San Francisco 49ers
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As of late May, the Texans appear happy to roll into the 2022 season with Davis Mills as their starting quarterback.

Mills gained significant experience last year, starting 11 games for the Texans as a rookie. And this week, head coach Lovie Smith said Mills has handled the offseason well, asserting himself as a leader.

“Every day we’ve opened up the building, he’s been in here,” Smith said in his press conference. “He’s our quarterback. When you’re the leader, you’ve got to be visible. It’s been documented on what I think of Davis. I think he’s going to be an excellent quarterback in the NFL for a lot of years, but it’s about this year. Having a year, he and [offensive coordinator] Pep Hamilton getting on the same page with our offense, and him being in a role from the start, that’s different also. But that’s what you do. You have a chance for him to establish himself as one of our primary leaders each day.”

Smith was also asked what he sees from Mills in comparison to other young quarterbacks in the league. The head coach stuck to just talking about the QB on his roster.

“Quarterback is the toughest position in football and you have to put time in. There’s no substitute for experience, though,” Smith said. “Every year there are some things Davis will get just based on playing the game for a long period of time, but I think a lot of the good ones, they play good ball early on, too. Did I tell you he’s a smart guy that went to Stanford? He picks things up fairly quick and he’ll be OK.”

Mills finished his rookie season completing 67 percent of his passes for 2,664 yards with 16 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. But in his last five starts, he threw nine TDs to two picks and put up a 102.4 passer rating. Those are the numbers the Texans are hoping to build upon in 2022.

7 responses to “Lovie Smith: I think Davis Mills is going to be an excellent quarterback

  1. The game will slow down for him and he should thrive under Pep. Only time will tell!

  2. Likely 4-13 again. At what point is The Preacher held accountable for his role in walking into a perennial AFC South champion team (4 out of 6 seasons when he got there) and dismantling it into a bottom feeding organization while simultaneously making it the laughing stock of the NFL? How many consecutive double-digit loss seasons will it take for ownership to make this obvious correction to get the fans back onboard? This will be our 3rd 12+ loss season in a row. Its a Mickey Mouse organization at this point. Zero accountability in that building.

  3. He has shown more than that clown in Jacksonville who supposedly is all that and a bag of chips.

  4. Mills was a miracle worker last year. He had every cast off and aging journeyman veteran the Texans could find. If the Texans win 6 games or more Mills will be their starter the next year.

  5. I am a Texans fan. I hope Mills is the answer and puts up 4000+ passing yards and 30+ TDS, while only winning 3-5 games in 2022, due to the defense. Then, in next year’s draft the Texans could trade back in the draft getting a mid-level 1st round, a 2nd round pick in 2022, + a 1st in 2024 from a QB needy team.

    The offence should be good and maybe very good. The OL is going to be much improved, LT Tunsil, LG Green, C Britt, RG Cann, RT Howard. WR, Cooks, Collins, Metchie, TE Jordon. RB Rookie Pierce will at some point win the starting roll from Mack or Burkhead. The RB room in 2022 will be much better due to the line and considering Ingram, Lindsey, and Johnson were the top three last year.

    This team surprised the Titans and Chargers last year and they will win a few shockers in 2022. Here is my bold prediction, 8-9!

    Within the division, 4-2, spilt with the Titan & Colts, sweep the Jags, 4 wins.
    Win on the road @ Bears & Giants, get them to 6 wins.
    Win @ home vs Commanders & Browns, with or without Watson, gets them to 8 wins.

    If Mills last 5 games last year is any indication, he could be the QB for the Texans long term. If his first 6 games are any indication, the Texans will be drafting a QB in 2023.

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