Patrick Mahomes: It’s going to be everybody in this year’s offense, not just one guy

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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When the Chiefs elected to trade Tyreek Hill, it inevitably changed their offense. And given that Hill’s an elite talent at the position, it may have made Kansas City’s offense worse.

But from a strategic standpoint, there could be a silver lining. Now that the club has receivers like Marquez Valdes-Scantling and JuJu Smith-Schuster, there’s less predictability as to where quarterback Patrick Mahomes will look to throw — even with tight end Travis Kelce still around.

Mahomes trained with most of the offensive skill players in Texas for the first few weeks of the offseason program. Now that they’re in the Chiefs’ building for OTAs, Mahomes said that effort to build chemistry is paying off.

“[Valdes-Scantling], JuJu some of those guys were down there every day, pretty much,” Mahomes said. “And I think the first day [of OTAs], JuJu had a big day — he got a lot of big catches down the sideline. And then the second day Marquez got a big day. And so, I think that’s what you’re going to see from this offense this year, is it’s going to be everybody. It’s not going to be one guy. And, obviously, Travis is still going to get a lot of completions, a lot of yards. But I think the whole receiving room is going to have big days. And I think that’s something we can use to our advantage.”

Mahomes referenced the team’s early offensive struggles of 2021 as to how the upcoming season could be different, adding he feels like the team has a very deep receiving room.

“I think you saw last year, defenses had started to formulate a good game plan — at least at the beginning of the season — of trying to kind of maintain stopping Tyreek and stopping ‘Trav.’ And we had to find ways to have success other ways so we could get those guys open,” Mahomes said. “I think this year, we’ll become different where you’re not going to know where you’re going to get the deep ball from, you’re not going to know where you’re going to get the short pass from because we have a lot of different guys that can do it all.

“I think having all those guys, I think it’ll help us get more of those deep throws that we’ve been accustomed to.”

Because they have Mahomes, the Chiefs certainly have a chance to have an elite offense again in 2022. But at some point when it’s third-and-long, they’re still likely going to miss Hill’s blistering speed and playmaking ability.

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  1. He’s not wrong. Based on past performances they don’t have a WR1 on their roster. JuJu and MVS have also been plagued with the drops in the past. Somebody has to step up or 3rd downs are going to be interesting in this offense.

  2. Yeah, getting rid of those all-pro receivers always makes an offense better. I’m sure defenses will be much more concerned now that an all-pro receiver is gone, because, they have to worry about those guys who aren’t as good. Makes perfect sense.

  3. The problem is that neither Scantling or Schuster require a double or triple team to contain. Hill, you can put two defenders on him and he still outruns them. KC won’t be as explosive without Hill.

  4. None of these smart guys even know the Chief’s #1 WR. Remember the name – Justyn Ross.

  5. Patriots won 6 championships without a true WR1. But those teams were very balanced on all phases. The Chiefs could contend if they improve on defense and special teams to go along with their offense.

  6. 7 of 10 draft picks on the D side of the ball.
    this is where improvements are needed… would be nice if mahomes and co can win without having to score 30 points a game.

  7. I said this a month ago. Juju, Scantling, and Hardman all have their strengths. And experience. Nobody said the offense would BE better. But with Reid’s offense, it may WORK better. D’s won’t know who to cover, and how. Reid will get all the guys involved and move them around. He will get guys open the same way he did once teams figured out how to stop them early on with the Cover 2 Shell. These are not trash receivers. They have experience, speed, and will fit in great with Mahomes’ ability to extend plays and make plays in Reid’s system. Then there’s still Kelce. The beast you cannot contain. And if just ONE of the rookie WRs pop, sky’s (Skyy’s?) the limit for the Chiefs this season. I’m excited to see it!

  8. Chiefs lose Tyreek and Mathieu.

    Bills add Von Miller.

    AFC comes thru Orchard Park this year.

  9. I hadn’t thought until now how Hill leaving would impact Kelce’s targets. He’s basically the WR1 on this team now, and that’s not sustainable. JuJu is going to have to step up, and as one comment here said, JuJu or MVS are going to be double-teamed, which leads me to believe if anyone is – Kelce will be.

    Without Kelce grabbing chunk YAC, moving the sticks and being a big RZ target, you’re going to have a bunch of 3 and outs if the running game doesn’t strike some fear in defenses.

    I simply don’t see how losing such a massive threat like Hill is going to help your offensive scheme. You couldn’t double-team both Hill and Kelce, now you don’t have to.

  10. This is exactly what the Bengals have shown Mahomes. Burrow has targets at every position, this is what my team needs. And I agree. Can’t be a one man show, defense will shut him down. Burrow has the luxury of three wide receivers, tight end and running back to throw to anybody!

  11. More choices, more mistakes. More time to look downfield, more sacks. Much better division, hard to win it.

  12. Hill became a top wr when he was given an elite qb. He now has Tua. Last year defenses figured out how to limit his deep threat shots. This year our wr room is better 1 through 5. The league better pray Skyy Moore isn’t as good as some of the other wrs drafted over the last 3 years. The league better pray Justin Ross doesn’t figure it out again and stay healthy. The league better pray the chiefs draft wasn’t as good as the experts say. If it’s as good as they say they’ve improved all levels of the defense. The chiefs this year planned for the next 5 years while all other contenders handed out crazy deals that’s gonna strap that cap.

  13. Patrick is about to see just how good he use to have it, I think a lot less talking and more practice is needed. All these offense comments about the chiefs, what really needs to be addressed is the defense.

  14. Um, it’s the accuracy of cannon not the target. Look how many wide receivers left Ben Roethlisberger when he was in his prime only to go elsewhere and not do as well. Emmanuel Sanders, Mike Wallace, Jericho Cotchery, Sammie Coates, Plaxico Burris.
    Good QBs make make good receivers.

  15. All this means is Andy Reid will do more 2 TE sets and running the ball early.

    Mahomes will have to become more efficient within the pocket with this batch of WRs. Off script bombs? Hardman remains my favorite to pickup a few of those lost by Hill departure.

  16. I have confidence that Reid will be able to adjust their scheme and that Mahomes is good enough to find the open guy.

    I don’t think KC slips at all this year.

  17. How has it been one guy? If their offense has gone through one Non-QB I’d argue it’s been Kelce who is still there. They have gotten more out of their 3rd and 4th wideouts then most teams for a few years too. And CEH. I don’t see how they’ve ever been about one guy.

  18. While the is a Fantasy football geek’s worst nightmare, it is by far the best approach in the modern day NFL. You want several guys on offense who offer a multitude of skills that can crush an opponents defensive will at any point during the game.
    Aside from Brady, the Patriots thru their run only once had a top-tier skill player in Randy Moss. Welker arguably defined a position in the slot assassin. What NE DID have was Brady, the conductor of the orchestra and Mahomes has shown he can be that guy.
    The ability to continually deceive a defense and deliver crushing blows from multiple sources at any time during the game is what separates the contenders from the pretenders.

  19. Pats lost 2 SBs with everyone knowing who Brady wanted to lazily target 40+ times from the shotgun and it obviously didn’t work.

    Pats now are back to no one having a clue where it’s going, a non-primdonna QB who gets it, and good talent across the board from WRs to TEs and RBs out of the backfield.

    So, if Mahomes can scale the ego down, maybe run the ball a bit more and not play hero ball, adapt to it, he’ll be fine.

    Teams are going to remove Kelce like NE always does and as long as the team has good CBs to match up with their WRs, who are good, but not great, it’s going to be a question of how good KC’s run game can be and blocking as well.

    I am not so sure their WRs are really into blocking just like wussy Kelce has never been.

    Mahomes had it easy with Hill and Watkins. Watkins was the guy who got the leftovers from Hill/Kelce.

    We’ll see how elite Mahomes is without HIll there now entering a cap hell for the ages.

    TB and the Rams are up next for this issue once their guys have to leave as well.

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