Sashi Brown: Lamar Jackson’s been vocal about desire to be a Raven, won’t make big deal of OTA absence

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson’s absence from this week’s OTAs has been a subject of conversation around the team this week.

Teammates said that they’ve spoken to Jackson and know that he’s been working out in preparation for the 2022 season. Head coach John Harbaugh had less to say and referred any questions about Jackson’s offseason plans to Jackson himself.

Ravens president Sashi Brown didn’t offer any explanations during a Thursday appearance on WBAL, but he did say that the team isn’t going to make a federal case over Jackson’s decision to work out on his own right now.

“Voluntary does means voluntary,” Brown said, via Jamison Hensley of “Lamar’s been out working this offseason . . . so no, I don’t think any reason for alarm. He’s been very vocal in terms of his support and desire to be in Baltimore. We’re pleased that’s he’s out there working and not going to make a big deal out of this.”

The Ravens have said they’re waiting for Jackson’s green light to move forward with negotiations on a new contract and there’s been no sign that Jackson has given it, so that remains in a holding pattern along with Jackson’s return to Ravens workouts.

5 responses to “Sashi Brown: Lamar Jackson’s been vocal about desire to be a Raven, won’t make big deal of OTA absence

  1. I understand they are voluntary. He is the starting QB coming off an injury and a disappointing season both as a team and as a player. He’s got a new center, new RB, two new TEs, and needs chemistry with Bateman, Proche and Duvernay while rebuilding chemistry with the RBs who sat out all last season. I am a huge Ravens fan but this doesn’t smell right.

  2. Jackson and the Ravens are literally “made for each other” no other team would suit LJ’s talents as well and no other QB would suit the Ravens strengths as well either.

    I’m betting they work something out.

  3. Ravens are due to give this guy $40mill/yr. Do they really have a choice? Once this guy won an MVP, the Ravens had no choice but to hope he can annually be the guy. Which he hasn’t done since the MVP.

  4. Ok, I’ll say it. I’m disappointed Lamar is not at the OTAs. I don’t care about Brady & Rodgers routine. I care about “team” and we have a young team that needs a leader. Get your butt out there Lamar and don’t let Huntley take your lunch money, he’s demonstrating he’s hungry.

  5. Lamar seems to be a different breed of cat. He should be at OTAs, but maybe he’s discussed with the team why he isn’t. This isn’t what a team leader should be doing, however.

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