David Njoku agrees to four-year deal with Browns

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Word this week was that tight end David Njoku and the Browns were close to an agreement on a long-term contract extension.

They have bridged the final gap. NFL Media reports that Njoku has agreed to terms on a four-year deal with the team.

Njoku was set to play out the year under the terms of the franchise tag, but that won’t be necessary after agreeing to the $56.75 million pact. The deal includes $28 million in guaranteed money. The guarantees were believed to be the sticking point this week and the agreement shows that the two sides were able to find the right landing point.

Four other tight ends — George Kittle, Travis Kelce, Dallas Goedert and Mark Andrews — have contracts with average annual values of at least $14 million.

Njoku was a first-round pick in 2017 and has caught 148 passes for 1,754 yards and 15 touchdowns during his time in Cleveland.

35 responses to “David Njoku agrees to four-year deal with Browns

  1. Wow, just wow. Ridiculous money for an average tight end. Great athletic potential, but poor production. Such a Browns move.

  2. I’ve been to a lot of Browns games during his tenure. He’s always been mildly disappointing yet has continued to improve. He was pretty raw in the beginning. I think he’s ready to make that next step and if Watson gets half a season in, even moreso.

  3. Way to go Browns. I guess you weren’t done giving away stupid money after blowing $230 million guaranteed on a QB with 22 sexual assault accusers who hasn’t played taken a snap in 2 years.

    Holy overpay.

  4. awesome he will be Cle brown for a while we have 3-6 year window with all these guy hope we make the most of it

  5. Another great move by Andrew Berry. A quality TE when he’s not hindered by poor / marginal QB play

  6. WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too much for a very average TE. Browns are very foolish with their money.

  7. Njoku absolutely fleeced the Browns. Njoku has alternated between been below average to average and is worth no where near what the Browns paid this dude to acquire his services. Instead of paying him the Browns should of just let dude go and drafted a TE as they not only coulda upgraded they could save a ton of money.

  8. In four years 1754 and 15? Kelce and Kittle have almost done that in one year. Browns keep kicking the can down the road and breaking up those signing bonus’ into dummy years. It’s only a matter of time before it blows up in your face. I’ve never seen a team dole out so much money for potential and not production. I guess it’s the Cleveland way though.

  9. Wait, I though Mayfield and Watson were the only two players on the Browns?

  10. That’s huge money for a guy averaging fewer than 40 catches a season. Every year is supposed to be his big breakout season and it hasn’t happened. Not a gamble I would make especially with the amount of cap space Watson is taking up. You can’t overpay when you have that kind of contract on the books IMHO.

  11. The average NFL career is under 5 years. The size of these NFL contracts are peanuts compared to baseball and other sports. Boston paid Japan $51 million dollars just to talk to a player. NOT SIGN. Just talk. That was 15 years ago.

  12. Seems like a lot for a guy that averages less than 30 catches and 4 TDs a year.

  13. Let’s see give the most guaranteed money ever in the history of the nfl to a perv and then make an average TE one of the highest paid at his position. Good job Browns

  14. Njoku is a poor man’s Kyle Rudolph. What the hell are the Browns doing?

  15. Cleveland just gave David Njoku $14 million per year with $28 million guaranteed.

    Meanwhile just this off-season, the Bills signed OJ Howard for 1 year, $3.5 mill.

    Make it make sense Browns fans.

  16. Wow. Easily dumbest franchise in football. 30 catches and 3 TDs per year get you $14 mil? Must be greatest blocking TE ever.

  17. Njoku may not be in the top 10 or even top half of tight ends, but he definitely has the best agent.

  18. For every great decision the Browns make, they make 2 awful decisions. Trade for Watson and dumping Mayfield great decision. Giving Ward and Njoku alot of guaranteed money, 2 awful decisions.

  19. The production will go up significantly. Mayfield couldnt execute short passing game. He couldnt read defenses accurately to undersyand he had short pass options open and always “thought” deep ball. Then, he couldnt throw with touch IF when he did try short stuff

  20. Another great reason to boycott football. If you don’t like it here, leave. I bet we can get enough money donated to pay for your tickets.

  21. Love how the clevelamd browns are ruining football- 1st the Watson contract, niw this….Haslam needs this team taken away – he’s already prov d he’s a crook

  22. $28 million guaranteed? Wow. There’s little motivation for him to play now, cue more injuries.

  23. Njoku has never averaged 40 yards per game as a receiver or 4 catches per game in any of his 5 seasons. Baffling to pay him like a top-tier TE. Would be interesting to know how much guaranteed money there is in Years 3 & 4. I would think that the Browns could cut him at minimal cost after Year 2, but the Browns have made some bizarre decisions this spring.

  24. Fans underrate Njoku because he had a couple ugly drops and was unpolished as a blocker early in his career. Stats don’t like though, and in truth, his drop rate wasn’t any worse than that of Hooper or Bryant, his YAC was better than either, and he defied critics by becoming our best blocking TE. In the absence of Hooper, the Browns expect his numbers to spike. They could wait and pay him even more after that happens or do what they did: pay him less than he will be worth in a year, but more than his stats to date seem to merit. Assuming he stays healthy, and we get decent QB play from someone (and we may not), I think he’ll earn this contract, so I’m fine with it. If the Browns made a mistake, it was over-paying for Hooper, when they would’ve been better off elevating Njoku to feature TE and investing that money elsewhere.

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