Jerry Jones says CeeDee Lamb is an upgrade over Amari Cooper as a No. 1 receiver

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The Cowboys traded Amari Cooper to the Browns this offseason, leaving no question that CeeDee Lamb is the No. 1 receiver in Dallas.

Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones says that’s an improvement.

Jones told Clarence Hill of the Star-Telegram that Lamb will be an upgrade over Cooper as a true No. 1 receiver in the Cowboys’ offense. Jones said that’s no knock on Cooper, but that Lamb has the makings of a complete No. 1 receiver in “production, in the huddle and off the field.”

Lamb had largely already overtaken Cooper as the Cowboys’ No. 1 receiver: Lamb played more snaps than Cooper, had more passes thrown his way than Cooper, and caught more passes for more yards than Cooper last season.

But with Cooper gone, there’s now no question which receiver opposing defenses will focus on most when facing the Cowboys. Jones thinks Lamb is up to the task.

43 responses to “Jerry Jones says CeeDee Lamb is an upgrade over Amari Cooper as a No. 1 receiver

  1. Sure Jerry, but who’s your number 2 receiver now? Is he better than Ceedee Lamb?

  2. Jerry Jones just can’t help himself from talking. He HAS to say something that will put his foot in his mouth. Okay Jerry, lets see how Ceedee does when defenses are giving him primary focus.

  3. We’ll see… Ceedee didn’t get the other team’s CB1, and now he will.

  4. Cooper is wildly inconsistent. Half the games I saw with him you wouldn’t even know he was on the field at all.

  5. Cowboys fans, was it really necessary for Jerry to say that?
    Why does he feel the need to cast shade on players who move on?

  6. I hear the crackling and smell the smoke from that bridge being burned by Jones.

  7. Even if Lamb is an upgrade over Cooper as the number 1 receiver, the situation at the number 2 and 3 receivers seems to have gotten a lot worse.

  8. Lamb couldn’t put up Cooper stats last year when he was seeing the 2nd CB every game. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gallup has a better year than Lamb. Lamb is not as good as advertised.

  9. Meanwhile there is a huge gaping hole for #2 and #3 receivers. Gallup is coming from ACL who may not be ready for a while. Washington is unproven and then there is a rookie. Watch this offense sputter. Jones is a genius.

  10. The Cowboys offense and Dak went from nothing to something when Cooper arrived. Lamb is great, but I think we will see a huge drop off with Cooper being gone.

  11. Jerry disrespects everybody after they leave and it started with Jimmy Johnson

  12. Sure Jerruh, nothing screams number 1 receiver off the field like someone who was just sued in court for refusing to fulfill the terms of a contract with a card maker

  13. Lol and the cowboys said “we will watch videos of Amari” when the Raiders used the first round pick they gave up to acquire him

  14. mackcarrington says:
    May 27, 2022 at 4:21 pm
    Cowboys fans, was it really necessary for Jerry to say that?
    Why does he feel the need to cast shade on players who move on?

    Cowboys fan here. I have no idea why Jerry feels the need to verbalize every thought that comes to him. He clearly has a massive ego and should learn to be much more humble and respectful. Tough to be a Cowboys fan at times but I’ve been a fan since the Staubach days in the ’70’s.

  15. I feel for the Cowboy fans led by Jerrah to the height of absurdity. Then I catch myself and laugh out loud.

  16. Cowboys fan here. Your comments are all valid. CeeDee will now be facing the CB1 and double teams every game. Gallop will take time to recover from the ACL. the rookie looks promising but it still a rookie. Jerry can not help but run his trap when he just needs to shut the hell up.

  17. As a talent evaluating GM, based on years of results, Jerry isn’t a good one.

  18. “Amari Cooper’s not a #1 receiver. That’s why we signed him to a 5 year, $100 million deal.”


  19. It’s post-truth America, and everyone lies. But this is exactly why people lie. We demand that they lie to us. Jerry Jones tells the honest truth about something, and everyone jumps all over him. People lie and we love them.

  20. Honestly I feel like CeeDee is going to struggle as a WR1. Especially in close games.

  21. Last 2 years Coop has played 70% outside vs number one CB’s with safety help over the top, which allowed Ceedee to play 70% in the slot 1 on 1 vs number 2 and 3 CB’s, LB’s and safeties. Meanwhile Coop still averaged more WR separation, had more TD’s and less drops lol. Last year when Coop played Dak completions percentage was 118% but in the 2 games Coop missed Dak completions percentage was 66%. Last year when Coop was on the field Dak total QBR was 65 which was forth in the entire NFL but when Coop was off the field Dak total QBR was 35 lol

  22. Not sure which is worse… Jones flapping his gums or Snyder harassing employees. Naw, Snyder is worse. Although Jones DOES get sued by some of his as well occasionally. Both are sleazy old rich, creepy white guys. At least most Cowboy fans seems to just take Jerruh as a senile old phart, whereas every Washington fan HATES Snyder!

  23. Is hate the cowboys but lamb is really good. He’ll be just fine, as will his stats, you people hating on him are just trolls…I don’t mind it because of how I feel about the cowboys but still trolls. The people on here saying the real trouble lies within their #2/#3 receivers are potentially on to something. Think about it though, the cowboys were at their best a couple years ago when they were leaning on the run to set up the play action, this could be beneficial for them if they get back to that. However, McCarty aka Humpty Dumpty hasn’t a clue, so I can’t imagine him doing that

  24. CeeDee is only better now because you no longer have Cooper, Jerry. Cooper is the one that got the double coverage, allowing CeeDee to be open.

    Let’s see how CeeDee does now that he’s the one that will get the double coverage.

  25. Cooper was trash anyway. Hence the raiders let him go. They knew the work ethic. Lamb will be getting premium coverage now so we will see

  26. Kinda makes the guy who gave up a #1 pick for him and then proceeded to give him a $100 million contract look like a total idiot. Oh wait…

  27. But CeeDee was already on your team last year guy ! How is it an upgrade to lose a good player and add no one ??

  28. I honestly think he meant to build up Lamb, but of course Jerry’s loose lips make it sounds as if he’s bashing Cooper.

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