Kellen Mond: Coaching change is good for me, there’s more flavor in the offense

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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When Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer was asked if he wanted to take a look at quarterback Kellen Mond in Week 18 after a brief mop-up appearance in Week 17, his answer of “not particularly” added to a list of comments he made over the year that suggested the coach wasn’t thrilled about the choice to add Mond in the third round of the 2021 draft.

Given that, Mond’s answer about whether he thinks the change to Kevin O’Connell as the team’s head coach will be good for him probably won’t come as much of a surprise.

“I think so,” Mond said, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “I think Kevin, he’s obviously a young guy and he has some youth, especially with his offense. I think he’ll add a little bit more flavor. I think that’s something that the fans were missing a little bit last year.”

Mond said he never spoke to Zimmer after those late season comments and didn’t take offense to them before adding that it is “all fun and games” in a new year with a new coach. That coach had some positive things to say about Mond recently, so it’s hard to argue that the O’Connell era is shaping up to be a better one for the quarterback.

11 responses to “Kellen Mond: Coaching change is good for me, there’s more flavor in the offense

  1. Mond as a backup hopefully means dumping Mannion – I’m sure he’ll make a good coach

  2. Skinny, non-pocket passing, inaccurate bust.
    Just a slightly veiled shot at Zimmer is all.

    He might not even make the team this year.

  3. In my opinion kellen mond is a quarterback who played in college and came to the Vikings last year, he is there backup qb

  4. That Week 18 game was a big middle finger from Zimmer to the organization. He knew he was going to be fired so he did everything he could to win even though it risked starters getting injured and meant having a worse draft pick. He was going to win that game to pad his record and hurt the chances for future success.

  5. At one time Viking fans loved Zimmer because he spoke the unvarnished truth, But eventually the truth started to hurt.

  6. Zimmer cries about picking Mond but his track record in the draft doesn’t carry any weight either, can’t wait until we don’t have to hear about him anymore..

  7. I personally like Mond. Very accurate, sees the field well and is athletic! I know this, Chris Simms is an absolute guru with ranking rookie QB’s and he had Mond ranked as his 4th best qb last year ahead of Fields and Lance. Dude had L.Jackson, J.Allen, B.Mayfield, S.Darnold, J.Rosen ranked in 2018 and if you remember, Jackson & Allen were the least thought of QB’s for most other “experts!”

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